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Opening Day Tommorow..

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Tommorow we are going to meet the club at the store in the morning and then we are going to decide where we are going to hunt tommorow during a drink of coffee. I know I have told this story a hundred times or more but to mark the start of deer season this year I am gunna tell yall about my first deer one more time lol.


We where hunting the skinner farm that day and the dogs got over into the Hoffler Block, They jumped a deer and eventually lost out. My Dad decided to send me up a path with hopes of spotting a deer along the way so I loaded my 20 Gauge Pump Gun and headed up the dirt road. After what seemed like hours the dogs finally jumped another deer and I tried to keep up with them by walking up and down the path shotgun at the ready. Soon I heard a deer breaking threw the bushes coming towards me and I shouldered my shotgun and removed the saftey as the doe burst threw the bushes and I busted her with a load of #3 buckshot. She fell with one shot but tried to get back up so I pumped two more loads of buckshot into her. That is how I got my first deer and I still get the same excitement when I hear the dogs coming my way today. That was a great day as Im sure tommorow will be as well. We are gunna hunt for about half a day and then Im coming home and going to see my Girlfriend. Wish me luck tommorow and good luck to anybody else that makes it out. takemeasy.-Tim

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