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Regal Medallion Vice and Tube Fly Attachemtn Review

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Hi everyone,

I just posted a detailed review of the Regal Medallion vice and tube fly adapter on my blog. You can find the text of the review below. You can find the full review including pictures with the following link: Regal Medallion Review








The Regal Medallion vice is a modern high performance vice of heirloom quality that will no doubt be pasted down from generation to generation. Regal has taken tested mechanics and wed them to classic lines, a forged bronze base, and the simplicity of a New England approach which combines both form and function. Regal vices self adjust to your specific tying needs in seconds and can be ordered with a nice range of accessories. If you tie on tubes, then the Regal tube fly attachment connects in seconds and holds tubes from all the major brands without turning.


The Medallion series of vice by Regal is spring-loaded. Unlike other vices on the market that require adjustment knobs or threaded collects to allow the vice to fit a range of hook sizes, a Regal vice will accept hooks ranging from size 22 - 1/0 with no adjustments necessary. If you tie smaller flies, then simply switch out the traditional jaws with the SS Jaw and you can tie all the way down to size 32 blind eye hook. On the other hand if you tie large saltwater or Salmon flies you can change out the jaws again to the Big Game Jaws that will take hooks up to 5/0. Changing out the jaws on a Regal vice is as simple as can be. You simply unscrew a brass knob at the base of the jaws, side the jaws off the stem, slide on the new jaws, and tighten the knob. It takes about 5 seconds! After that you can move from hook size by simply opening the jaws with the spring arm. After working with this vice for a week you will wonder why you ever wasted your time with finicky adjustment knobs. Each vice head will accept a wide range of hook sizes. Here is the range:


Traditional Jaw: 22-1/0

SS Jaw: 32-2

Big Game Jaw: 22-5/0



Okay, here is how the vice works in detail:



The jaws are spring loaded so to insert a hook you simply pull on the release arm which opens the jaws. Once you insert the hook release the arm and you are done. There is absolutely NO adjustment needed!


I have friends who have been tying on the same Regal vice for 20 years and have put thousands of flies through the vice without a single problem. In addition to the strong spring, Regal vice jaws feature a grove one the left jaw. The grove holds the hook so secure that you can bend the shank of a saltwater without the hook moving at all.


Right behind the jaws is a conveniently located material clip. If you are tying patterns that do not require the clip you can pop it off.


For left handed tier's you can remove the tension arm from the left to right by loosening a set screw.


Changing heads or moving to the tube fly adapter is quick and simple. You simple loosen the brass knob, pull of the head, put the new one one, and tighten things down.


The jaws pivots 220 degrees both up and down and can be tightened to a desired angle. The head also rotates 360 degrees.


What really sets the aesthetics of this vice apart is the bronze base. You can choose from a couple of different models. Personally, I like the pocket base. The pockets are deep and the sloping sides allow you to retrieve even the smallest hooks with no problem. The bronze base is plenty heavy to stabilize the vice and it looks amazing.




In Sum: What I like best about Regal vices is that they are not over engineered. The spring loaded jaws literally allow you to tie a size 22 midge, 12 Adams, and 1/0 steelhead streamer without changing jaws or even having to make a single adjustment. Just pop one hook out and put the other in. Simple and efficient! Those that know me know that I hate buying things twice. With a Regal vice you do not have to worry about wearing it out or tying flies that require a second vice. The simplicity of the jaws make the Regal the fastest vice on the market and the holding power is equal to any vice I have tied on. In addition to the fore mentioned features, Regal vices are true works of art. During the summer months when you are out fishing leave the vice on the bookshelf and it will draw comments. When its time to tie up two dozen midge or half a dozen size 1/0 intruders you don't have to worry about finding your dedicated "midge vice" or "streamer vice" because the Regal will handle it all and with out a single adjustment.



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Matt you are awesome! Now how can we get an HMH standard in your hands?

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