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Hey yall. My life has been.. well Ill just tell you what Ive been doin. I been hunting a few times since season came in but not much. Ive seen maybe 6 deer while hunting and all of them where does so no shots where fired. Just got permission from a buddy of mine to hunt some of their land with them and its got perty good hunting on it so maybe Ill do a lil more in the future. We been mud ridin alot and its fun but my truck broke down (gunna get fixed this week hopefully) so we been usin the fourwheeler. My brother finally harvested his very first deer. He shot it with a Remington Model 7400 Synthetic chambered in 270 and topped with a Tasco 4-16x40 Scope that we had bore sighted and then shot an inch high at 100 yards. My uncle and him where standing down a path and the dogs where running and about 4 deer run across the path but to fast to shoot and then a final doe hopped out and my brother fired a 130 Grain Ballistic Tip Bullet into the deer chest breaking the leg and taking out the heart and lungs. The doe took a few more steps and fell just inside the woods. This was his very first deer and I dont have pics with the digital because I dont know where it is after we moved but we did get some pics with the regular camera so if I ever get the scanner to work maybe we can post some. Other than that no game has been harvested latley. School sucks like usual and sometimes life sucks to but hey you get over it I guess but anyway have a good one and takemeasy.-Tim


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