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Hello for Kansas

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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and looking forward to sharing and learning as much as I can. I was born and raised in the middle of Kansas. Grew up hunting and fishing and took up fly tying and fly fishing about 15 years ago. Fell in love immediately and have given up some of of the other hobbies to keep this one going. I love to travel to different places and fly fish and look forward to New Years day every year when I sit down to the vice, facing a football game, and an adult beverage.


I moved to Kansas City 5 years ago and from here can make day trips into Missouri for some time on the water. But I make it back to central Kansas every winter where I introduced this new passion to some Striped Bass! I get out in the boat, troll around until they begin to surface. I grab my 9wt, and start casting my deceivers at them and have a ball landing 7 to 20 pound stripers!


Just wanted to post a howdy!



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Howdy back at ya , and as NJ All DAY said, Don't be afraid to post pics and your own creations or favorites...we have a sweet database that is ALWAYS welcoming more fly entries! :D

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