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Please read before posting a topic here

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With the membership growing at such a rapid rate lately we have finally felt the need to post a simple request to all members that start topics here. The Lodge is the place on the site to talk about anything non fishing related and we appreciate how active this section of the site is and the fact that so many members are willing to talk openly about their everday lives, it helps all of us to become "friends" without even meeting.

We do have one request/rule that we feel we will have to start enforcing though. We ask that all members Please refrain from posting topics about religion, or that are of a political nature, i.e Democrat vs republican, anything "negative" about the war/troops etc etc...

All of the staff here at FTF and I'm sure all of our membership are supportive of the Troops, and we have no problem with posts that are supportive of their efforts in any way shape or form, but any other "political" type topics do not really have a place on a tying/fishing forum and if they are posted they are subject to being deleted at our discretion.

We are simply trying to keep the site a "fun" and "helpful" place to learn/hang out so please understand our reasons for implementing this rule and be courteous to the other members when posting. We do not want anyone to think that we are telling you what to post or not post we are simply asking that politics (as controversial as they are) be keep out of the topics. All the moderators here at FTF are more than willing to help if anyone feels the need to contact any one of us.

Thanks and Happy Holidays
The staff at flytyingforum.com

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