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Boys First Deer..

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Hey yall.. Just thought Id stop by and give yall the update on how the hunting has been around here.. Well Saturday I went bear hunting with the club in the swamp being it was the last day and I was hunting with my uncle. Well we pulled up and the boys pointed off in the swamp and we heard the dogs bayed up just as perty as you ever wanted to hear. It was a good 3 1/2 mile walk to where the bear was but when the boys got there they couldnt believe there eyes. The big ol black bear was 600lbs. Awsome Bear anywhere let alone right up the road from the house. Biggest bear Ive ever even heard of from around here. Only a few Ive heard of that where bigger than that anyway and he was an 800lber. We got the whole hunt on video tape and because the rest of the day was spent getting the bear out of the woods we only killed one other bear the whole day and it weighed 350lbs. We couldnt catch the dogs off of one bear before they jumped another one, that place was crawling with bear. We bought believe there are more bear back there than deer and thats sayin something. My uncle has decided to get about 6 head bear dogs for next year and he even is thinkin about buying a new 45-70 Rifle. lol. My Dad and my brother went deer hunting with some boys back in the desert and they ran deer all day long but not many bucks and the new group we been huntin with has a two buck per day rule and no does. Did run a big ol black coyote that the boys missed though lol. I heard from some boys that went to Surry this past weekend and they shot two big bucks. One was a 15 Pointer with a 19 1/2" Spread and the other was a 19" 9 Pointer. What a Hoss.. It was just to cold to go huntin yesterday for us because of all the snow and below freezing tempatures. They said the wind chill was a whopping 3 degrees .. But Im glad it did snow though.. My brother and I went bird hunting across the road this morning but didnt find any birds to shoot at so we came back and relocated the coffee lol. Wouldnt be so durn bad if this wind would stop blowing so hard. I might go try to shoot a deer behind the house this afternoon if I feel like it when the time comes lol. We are supposed to go deer hunting Friday with the boys but now for the story of the day..


Last Friday my Girlfriend's brother Jake went with us to try and kill his very first deer and we been trying to get him on one all year but they just wont cooperate with us but finally yesterday (what a dedicated soul he must have been).. Jake went out to his cornpile behind the house in the morning and didnt see a thing but when he returned in the afternoon he found a doe eating away and when the Remington 870 12 Gauge spoke she went down like a ton of bricks.. Im really glad he got one and he couldnt be more tickled if he killed a 12 point buck but wont we all that way when we got our first one? Anyways Im glad he got one so takemeasy.-Tim

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