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Christmas Break..

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Well we hunted the past two weeks just as hard as we knew how to but no gravy.. There was still a good time though regardless. We hunted with Twit and the boys back in the desert most of the time and had some good running even in the snow and saw a plenty of does or stuff we where not supposed to shoot.. We bird hunted some to last week and we hunted for a while Christmas Eve but no luck.. We hunted with some of the boys from Cherry Glades Hunting Club over perquimans area and I missed two does with the thirty-thirty but the dogs ran good all day long dispite a bunch of snow and ice and we saw plenty of deer and alot of poo powin.. Alotta of fun no dought. Today was the last day of deer season and I convinced myself to do the best I could to kill one. We hunted with twits boys so no does where allowed. I walked and walked and walked and when they first turned loose in the back block this morning it was a roar.. The dogs where barking so hard on them deer the woods should of been shaking and at times it felt like it was. We had two to four packs running different deer at one time.. We had a whole slough of dogs and hunters to but no gravy for us.. Eventually two deer crossed over into another block and two more took out across the fields but no horns so no shots. We rounded the dogs back into the blocks so they jumped some more and ran durn good all day without any trouble. We saw more deer than we could count and at one time the Rabbit Hunters even ran a deer out to us. Most of the deer where does except for a couple bucks and one of them turned into a boys first one. The buck was a lil ol spike horn with one horn broke off but he was still tickled to death to have taken him. My Brother missed a doe today and my uncle shot a big doe with his 243 Wssm. All in all a great end to a great deer season but still no deer so its on to Rabbit Hunting. Cant wait to hear those beagles tune up again so takemeasy, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year..-Tim Russell smile.gif

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