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Fly Tying

Chironomid pattern

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I was out at a local stocked pond three weeks ago caught a few pan fry sized rainbow and I wanted to see what these fish were feeding on. After looking at the stomach contents, I decided to copy the chronomid that they were feeding on. This seemed to be 80% or more of the trout's diet at this time.

The first two pics are the naturals found in the stomach of one trout.

Pictures three and four are my patterns based on what I observed in that stomach.

(Picture four is my variation of the above pattern tied up as an emerger.)

This pattern proved to be spectacular on feeding trout.

Note: The pics didn't post in the order that I listed in the text above.


Hook----Mustad curved nymph #14-#16


Thread-Unithread #8


Body----Pheasant tail three or four fibers?? tied in by the tips.

Wind the feathers in a tight wrap toward the eye and tie off one eye width from the eye.


Gills---- White antron. Tie in cross method then trim to proper size


Head whip finish and apply nail polish ( I use this as head cement, works great!)





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