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Request for Elderberry Pattern

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The carp (and catfish) in my neck of the woods are feasting on Elderberrys.


Would like a pattern for an Elderberry.


I searched the flypattern database, but came up with no results. So I'm either doing it wrong or there is no elderberry pattern in there.


I was thinking about wrapping some purple estaz over some foam on a size 8 mustad 3366 because I want them to float.



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A brown plastic bead with a short shank wide gape hook. Or a couple of beads to look like a flower head. You can stuff the bead with foam or balsa so it floats The carp I used to watch sucked in complete clusters and spat out the stalks. OR try a big juicy dry fly that a big carp will take while she's up there eating anyway. Have I mentioned crane flies in a carp thread before???

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