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What's your best strike indicator fly?

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What are peoples opinion on fishing a dropper nymph on 3-4 feet of tippet?

I don't usually fish droppers or bobbers, I get distracted by them and miss fish, I can't cast them very well either, so, I pick a type fly and fish it to the best of my ability; but in a recent discussion with guides on an Ozark trout lake it came out that they "fly fish" with as much as 15' of leader below the bobber/indicator. If using a hair bug or dry fly in place of the thingabobbermahooyoucallit, I"d guess that 12' or 15' might be appropriate in water that deep; they were talking about dragging bottom with a scud under an indicator.

At that depth I'd probably use sink tip or spinning rig.

I would rather use a fly and dropper than an indicator because as mentioned trout love to strike indicators. And leader knots.

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For panfish, a popper. For trout a hopper or chernobyl ant, or a big Elk Hair Caddis. Whatever, it has to float with the nymph attached. And be readily seen.

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