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THREAD CONTROL - Brand Options?

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I've been away from fly tying for several years while attending to my wife as she faced some serious health challenges. As vagaries of life go, I'm in a position to get my materials and equipment out of the attic and start tying again. As I was going through my "stuff", I find the need to restock my thread supply - not sure where all those spools went. I am a disciple of Wayne Luallen and practice (as best I can) his thread control techniques. Accordingly, I need thread that I can spin to flatten, split, and control how I place the thread on the hook. To make an already too long story short, I need help identifying what threads are available that will give me the type of control I've described. With all the offerings currently available to fly tiers, I don't want to make a large investment and find I've purchased thread I can't control/spin as I would like.

Unfortunately, my old source for thread is no longer available to me. Any help this group could provide would be sincerely appreciated.


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