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Fly Tying

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So this is a relatively easy-to-tie carp fly, that can imitate either a clam or a just act as a basic bottom fly for tailing carp.


It uses...


A size 6-10 hook - I just use hooks designed for bass poppers, because I have a ton of them

Any sort of thread - white is probably the best, but I always use a gold-ish color

White furry foam - you can get this at any craft store; it's not actually buoyant, it's more like felt

Eyes (either dumbbell or from a bead chain) - the pattern that I derived this from used pink ones, so that's what I use

Chenille - tan or pink


*Sorry, all the pictures somehow ended up in weird sizes. I must have messed something up while uploading them to Imgur and from there to here*




Tie on your eyes





Tie in the chenille. You want to tie it all the way past the bend in the hook, so it will stick up when the fly is upside down.




Cut a strip of furry foam a few inches long




Tie in the felt





Wrap the foam forward like a chenille and tie off. Then whip finish and pick out the body with a dubbing brush.





Trim the tail and hold a match near to singe the chenille






And that's it! This fly sinks semi slowly, and lands hook point up. Whether or not there are actually clams in your waters, fish it slowly. It's not that close looking to a clam, but if there are clams present, it will look like food to a carp! Even if there aren't, this fly will still work if you get it in front of some tailing fish!


Note - there are many different types of furry foam, but the type I have has long-ish fibers on one side. If you can't find a type like this, a dubbing loop with white dubbing will be almost the same.

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Have you actually fished this fly? It does look like a good idea.

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hook up, and bead chain eyes? it sure sounds like a carp fly to me.


great looking fly. are these for the carp swap?

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Thanks, and they are for the swap.


I have fished it, but minimally. I didn't get much time to fish it last year. I caught a few on it, and the original caught many for the guy who made it. I'll be fishing it more this spring.

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