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'Shrooms, anyone?

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It's a tricky business. Growing edible mushrooms is the only way to really do it. Of all the mushrooms growing in the wild, only about 1% can kill you. But many more can make you sick. The majority of them are just not good to eat, though they are not poisonous.


So, really, it's not a matter of avoiding poisonous ones, it's finding that 5% that actually taste good.


As far as the psychedelic ones ... there's a surprising number of them that have the chemical ... but I hear the best ones can be found on cow patties. That alone will keep me from ever trying one.

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Couldn't help it...

A few 'shrooms:



Lycoperdon perlatum (edible)



Unknow species



One of my favorite pictures, of Laccaria amethystina Used to be edible, but now it seems that the 'shroom concentrates Arsenic in amounts that when eaten could lead to poisoning over time


Gyroporus cyanescens (edible) and your own imagination can tell the if it is the head or the ... of the fungi here ;-)



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