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Boulder, Co.

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I am taking a unexpected trip to Boulder next week. I will probably be fishing Boulder Creek. Does anyone have any must have patterns that I should have with me. As I am from Vermont most of my stuff is all eastern based patterns. I have 5 days to tie then here I come. Thx..

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Zebra midges, pheasten tails, royal wulfs, stimulators, old rubber legs, adams. I like smaller flies under size 16. Expect for the old rubber legs I like them in size 8.

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heres some ideas from different fishermen regarding boulder creek


Jay Zimmerman
(1) #20 Black Zebra Midge pupa
(2) #22 Para Adams dry fly
(3) #18 BH Flashback Pheasant Tail nymph
(4) #14 Clown Shoe Caddis dry fly
(5) #10 Black Pine Squirrel Leech


Brian Harris

(1) #10 Black Woolly Bugger
(2) #20 Black Tungsten-bead Zebra Midge pupa
(3) #14 Yellow Stimulator dry fly
(4) #16 Pink San Juan Worm
(5) #20 Blue Poison Tung


Phil Iwane

(1) #20 Parachute Adams dry
(2) #20 Flashback Pheasant Tail nymph
(3) #22 RS2
(4) #16 Elk Hair Caddis
(5) #18 Buckskin


Randy Hicks

(1) #16 Parachute Adams dry
(2) #14 Peacock PMX dry
(3) #16 Black Foam Beetle
(4) #18 Rainbow Worrier
(5) #12 Black Pine Squirrel Leech


Will Beggs

(1) #16 Para Adams dry
(2) #20 Rainbow Warrior
(3) #14 Pink San Juan Worm
(4) #10 Royal PMX dry
(5) #20 Black Zebra Midge

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I fished it last fall in October, and it fished quite well for me. I nymphed, primarily, though. My pretty standard setup I fished that caught me a ton of fish was a size 12 heavily weighted "twenty incher" stonefly attractor nymph with a 12-14" dropper to a size 14/16 soft hackle. A purple floss bodied soft hackle did extremely well, as did a pheasant tail soft hackle. I caught more fish on the soft hackle, most of the bigger trout took the twenty incher. Here's a good SBS of the twenty incher, this is the recipe I followed.








It's a gorgeous stream, I hope to make it back there some day.

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I would add, if you're in that area, you owe it to yourself to visit Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada. You might actually meet and talk with Charlie Craven and/or Jay Zimmerman. When I stopped in, I shot the breeze with Jay for 35-40 minutes, great guy, and a great fly tier. The shop is amazing, also. Anything you can imagine needing to wrap on a hook, they have.

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Next week should be great. Boulder Creek is still unseasonably high now but coming down fast.


Boulder Canyon is steep and tight, so a little extra water can make the fishing tough. Boulder Falls is good landmark, roughly midway between Nederland and Boulder. N. Boulder Creek merges with Middle BC at the falls, and, right now, fishing is better above. So look for flatter sections above Boulder Falls towards Nederland. Castle Rock, about 12 miles up the canyon, is a huge cliff packed with climbers and a good landmark to start.


Dry fly fishing is on, and my advice is to start with big dry flies. Chubbies, beetles and ants are working well. You'll see PMD's and caddis, and Green Drakes may show up soon.


Flytier's list is excellent advice from some of the best (really, really good) locals. Charlies Flybox is a special fly shop, especially for tying.


In Boulder, there are two great fly shops - Rocky Mountain Anglers and Front Range Anglers. Both very knowledgeable, helpful staffs. FRA is a bigger shop and RMA is very casual and offers a lot of friendly advice . Both shops have online fishing reports for Boulder Creek and other local water.


BTW - caught my only grayling in Boulder Creek.



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I forgot mention Boulder Creek fishes pretty good anywhere in town. There's plenty of fish and access is easy as there's a bike path all the way.


Crowds can be an issue. Not fishermen so much as tubers, hikers, dog walkers, kayakers, picnicers, navel contemplators. On a warm day, there's a blanket tube hatch, but you can avoid them early and late.

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Take me with you BKB!


I just came back from Montana and I cant wait to head west with a rod in hand again.


When you return we should make a plan for a day of fishing, I'm pretty sure you are the only other Vermonter on here. I'm moving to Montpelier in a couple weeks and I plan to take up residence on the Winooski. But, I have yet to fish the Battenkill or anywhere down your way and what kind of Vermont fly fisherman am I really with out wetting a line in what is probably the most storied trout stream in the state.


Best of luck to you in Colorado. Tight Lines!

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