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I bought my Regal before they made the saltwater version. They're an excellent company and make a superb product. As I said previous, the only issue I've had is the jaws on the "standard" version I have won't handle some of the bigger hooks I tie on. If I didn't already have a vise that will hold the bigger hooks, I would certainly buy the saltwater Regal, and would go with the stainless steel jaws. As far as simplistic, you're correct, but like flies, simple is often the best approach. There's less moving parts in a Regal to wear out compared to other vises. I agree with Cold too about the jaws holding the hooks solidly. Since there's no need for adjustment of the jaws, they always hold the hooks securely.


As far as rotary, I like the feature on mine, and yes, it's inline and not "true" rotary in that the jaws rotate, but not around the hook shank axis. Big deal, never caused me any issue. It's a convenience, not a necessity IMO. Again, it's a personal preference feature as to which type of rotary to get if you go with that feature.


There are "stream side" simple vises that are made with a spike on the bottom that can be mounted in most any chunk of wood. They're simple, and relatively inexpensive, but it depends on the tying you need to do. They're fine for trout flies, probably not ideal for big stuff however. If that's what you want to do, tie at stream side, then get a pedestal vise. I've tied on the road in my truck with my Regal, by sitting it in my lap. smile.png

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Over the years I've tied a lot of flies on many of the high end vices and tried out even more. I'm not going to recommend any one over another. What I will say is think about how the jaws hold the hook. Here is a link to my thoughts on this. It also includes information on vice set up. Many here will tell you to ignore it. Feel free to do so. If you do not end up in pain, then lucky you. if you do, you may want to reconsider it. Of course by then you will have bought your set up, adjusting it will be expensive.



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Is Regal considered a good company?


I know they're expensive, but they seem more simplistic, which is kind of what I prefer.


And since we are on the subject, you hear tales that some fly fishermen will tie flies on the river to best match the insects. What on earth kind of vise do those guys use? Kind of hard to fit one of those puppies in your pocket.

Regal is a very good company, and a great vise. I've used vises from most of the major companies, and own a few as well, and the Regal is what I use most for day to day tying. I do occasionally need the true rotary feature of a Renzetti so I'll sometimes switch depending on the pattern, but the Regal for the past few years has been the primary vise at my desk.


As far as on the stream tying, that's really another thread, but small travel vises are available, and sometimes just a pair of vise grips is all you need. Never saw the practicality nor need for such an arrangement, but you will need to decide between a clamp or a pedestal (unless you get both) and if you are planning on traveling with your vise, the pedestal would be your best choice IMHO.


Best of luck.

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