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Overhead Casting ?

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Good call, I misspoke with the term Spey Casting vs Spey Rod.


Spey casting is identified with the Spey River in northern Scotland.


I will correct the above to read "Spey Rod" is recognized in North America and the rest of the world calls it a Two Hand or Double Handed Rod.


No certain why this developed, the Two Handed rods were used in Eastern Canada for many years prior to the popularity in the Northwest for Steelhead.

We really did not have much instruction until Jim Vincent of RIO began promoting his new line designs and traveling for classes in the late 1990's.

Prior to that time the acceptable standard was long heavy DT lines on very long heavy and rather soft full flex rods popular in the UK.

The US and Canada Northwest fishing for steelhead with RIO and Sage input dramatically changed the market and technical development that we enjoy today.

We evolved from the 14ft-17ft rods to much shorter rods with shorter easier to handle lines. It no longer takes years to learn Spey casting, beginners can take a few lessons and enjoy fishing the long rods.




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LOL You go back and change your post ... then my post makes no sense.


But I've rarely been accused of making sense, so I am okay with that.


On the other hand, I was always the kid that followed Dad or Mom around asking "Why?". I've never lost that child like curiosity ... why is everything the way it is?

I've gotten much better, since I've acquired a few years of answers, but I still tend to follow people around asking, "Why?".

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Ya' know, since I was a kid I've pretty much gone along with the term overhead casting but the truth is I have never seen anyone truly overhead cast. If you were to be really correct in calling it an overhead cast your fly rod would be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to you body line. We don't cast that way. At least I've never seen anyone do that. When I'm in a boat with someone on my right I will push my elbow away from my body some and get the line moving in a more overhead cast and keeping my line high for both our safeties. I can go on any number of fly casting instructional videos and watch the instructors using a modified sidearm cast. Some even use a true over head cast to show how your line can end up in a big pile in front of you by dropping the rod too far back. I realize this is pushing the terminology but since we also use true side arm casts to sneak our line under low hanging branches (and our fly up into those branches) it is easy to see when a person is doing normal casting we would call it overhead.


Spey casting, skagit, even roll casting and Belgium casting is closest to having the rod parallel to you body on the cast but that is because the cast started out well to the right in a side arm motion in most of these style casts. Start talking snake rolls and perry pokes and I don't know what you'd call some of those casts. Amazing?

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