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Hatchet Jack

OPST Comando Heads w/ big muskie/pike flies?

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Any recommendations?

Am using a 13' 7/8 wt. Spey and an 11' 8 wt. switch rod, both for overhead casting.

(but on a certain river, the overhead cast won't work - almost zero backcast room)


Are OPST heads & running lines able to cast big flies?

I'm interested in these lines because they seem to be meant

for casting where there's little or no backcast room (???)


Am throwing stuff like this, don't know if an OPST head can tear the fly out of it's water-anchor.



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The water absorbant, bigger profile natural deer hair flies could be pretty tough to cast with a short head but the big sparse flies made of synthetics and lots of glitter might work fine.


I have only tried them at the smaller size end of the Commando heads and there throwing the bigger articulated flies is not any fun or very pretty. Works great with standard sizes and smaller though.


The Guys at Reds Fly Shop are really up on Commnado head uses. Some or them are using them in the salt! Give them a call.



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