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Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...

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SWAP IS FULL, thank you all for your responses.


Haven't hosted in a while and I'm just finishing up my creature baits for the Bass Swap and I'll be caught up. The boy does have an interesting idea for a swap. Trout related flies or ties or flures or nymphs or shrimps or anything that is primarily a creation of your own off the vise. Since you know and I know "There is nothing new under the Sun" when it comes to flies (rare exceptions) I'm not expecting anything too radical but almost all have sat there and thrown some fur or feathers together and come up with something that catches a fish and didn't come directly from and SBS or video. If you can't come up with something truly original (how would you?) then modify a known element with different materials or colors or with legs when it didn't have them or articulated when it's not normally done.


Main idea is this. Original fly from the vise (as much as possible). Trout or panfish related (no saltwater on this one). Normal rules from there. Toe tags, return shipping covered, meet the deadline. Since most swaps are finishing up by July 31, let's do this one for August 28th the last Friday in August. If for any reason you want to join but can't see making the deadline get it out now and we can extend deadline for everyone so some don't work hard to make it and then wait on others. Flies to me at


Nick Szabo

PO Box 361

Cheyenne OK 73628


Dozen tiers hoped for. To guarantee high quality I'm calling out Fishin' Bob, Breambuster, Flytyer, Idaho RC, Byron A, Netabrookie (MIA), Stabgnid, Woodenlegs, and all those seasoned hands who have given us such beautiful classic patterns in the past. Show us your originality on this one.



1. EuroOrBust........Received

2. Vicente..............Received

3. GP flyfisherman......Received

4. mybadhabit........Received

5. woodenlegs........Received

6. fishin'Bob Out for repairs

6a. zip..filling in for FB...fell off roof

6b. RickZiegler...still healthy......Received

7. Stabgnid.............Received

8. ManDog..............Received

9. Rockworm..........Received

10. jjs89yj...............Received

11. Hatchet Jack.....Received

12. richmc..............Received

13. Flat Rock Native..Received

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Nick, thanks for the compliment but I haven't had time to do much lately. Between having my wife at the cancer treatment center every morning and the frequent hospital stays plus trying to hold down a job has me too busy to do anything else. I miss the swaps and I would like to wet a line this year but my sweetie of 27 years needs me so that has to come first.

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netabrookie, you bet wife comes first. Sorry to hear this and hope treatment can bring remission. Good luck to you and her and you'll be in my thoughts now.


flytire, sorry to hear that. Thought coming up with a new twist on the vice might appeal to you and always appreciate your quality offerings.

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Lost two family members to cancer, Net. I empathize with all you're going through.


My sincerest thoughts go out to you and your wife.

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Well I Think I can come up with something... Put me in !!!


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