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Places to find Good Bucktail?

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I'm a bit late, but I've always found Brad Buzzi's selection of buck tail to be some of the best available. He can be found at many of the fly tying shows, but he also has a WEB site, www.Buzfly.com .


Yes there are different qualities of buck tail. Southern buck tail tends to have finer and shorter fibers, while northern buck tail has coarse long fibers. Which is better? I don't know, but I find the northern much easier to stack. Northern tails also tend to be significantly larger, for about the same price.


Your mileage my vary, etc., etc.

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You could always check with the nearby butcher/locker plant that processes deer during season; most hunters leave the hide there the processor will sell whole hides to tanneries, but I bet $10 would buy several tails. I don't think there is any difference between buck tails and doe tails, but I could be wrong.Buying a whole hide and preserving it with borax might get all the types of body, belly, mask and tail that a tyer could ask for.

And if your area is like mine there may be dumped carcasses with hides from the deer poached as camp meat by the 'sportsmen' from town in that fancy "deer camp".

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