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I admire your flies but I have one question about this one. Is the fly supposed to suspend itself vertically in the film? If so, how does it do that without a hackle collar as many emergers have.





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Hi SilverCreek


The fly is not supposed to stay vertical in water. It supposed to have the body in angle, at least sort off ... Like a Klinkhammer emerger or like a buzzer emerger:





Of course that are moments when a buzzer or a aquatic emerger has the body vertical suspended in water. But usually the flies has the bodies in angle. I tested some emergers similar tied with this one bellow








And I compared with this bellow "





I fished them in the same moments when i noticed consistent hatches. Those with loop where more effective then the simple ones with the vertical position of the body. My only problem is in tying these emergers with cdc loop. Are more time consuming and I do not like to spend too much time to tie a certain fly

The emerger tied with cdc buts untrimmed stay in water exactly like these ones with CDC loop. More than that are easy to tie and more balanced. So I dropped to tie loop emergers and now I'm stick at these kind of emergers like this one presented .





I fish a lot on grayling, a more careful fish in picking flies. I fish on waters with high fishing pressure where fish are educated and careful. Those emerger with collars will not catch a fish in hours... too bushy to be picked up by a trout or grayling in those rivers...

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find your observations interesting Lucian. I too find the loop cdc time consuming so will try some with the butts in as you've shown.

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