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MFC Boat Box review

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Wanted to review a product I have wanted for a long time:The MFC Boat Box!


1) Aside from good lookin',this sucker is stout!I feel I could drop it from the truck or boat and it be just fine.


2)Water proof!The inside of one half has a gasket that runs around it.If it were to fall in the water or have a rain come through I wouldn't have any worries.


3)It ain't like a lot of fly boxes with flimsy latches!It has 4 heavy duty clips that don't have a bit of wiggle when it's closed.They also help with a tight seal.


4)This box holds an insane amount of flies!I've got more than 200 packed into mine.The foam is harder than most and slotted from top to bottom for easy adding and removal without damage.


5)Additional space-There is an option for expansion with it!You can order the additional leaf insert that slides right in without taking it apart.(Not pictured above)


Pros:Sturdy,waterproof,TONS OF SPACE,good seal,nice color

Cons:It's pricey!Running at $80 with the additional leaf price of $20.


If you travel a lot to fish,guide or just feel the need to have an arsenal for whatever swims your way,this might be for you.


They say you get what you pay for and that's what I got.A good solid product of high quality!To be perfectly honest,I will get another further down the road!


Thanks for taking the time to read!






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Thanks bud!

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Appreciate it!Most are mine but a good portion are from friends and swaps as well

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