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Evil Olive - WD40 Variation

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This WD40 variation is one of my favorites. I like heavy flies for lead flies, and tying it with a Tungsten bead really helps it get down deep. Also the flashiness of the Evil Olive fly helps to attract fish a bit more, when flash might be needed. Slightly stained water or when the fish just aren't as picky. Dropping a small midge, traditional WD40 or even an emerger on the back end of this fly helps get the fish that are a little less anxious to bite.

So as always I am listing what materials I used on this fly below the video.
Also keep in mind that the list of materials here are just suggestions, and ones I used on this specific fly. That does not mean you have to use these exact colors or products. Experiment, and come up with your own version of this pattern if you want. Or use a different hook, or different thread. These are the materials I find work best, but get creative, or just use what you have.

Hook: Firehole Sticks #316 in size 14
Hook: Daiichi 1120
Bead: 2.8mm/Gold Tungsten Bead
Thread: Veevus 10/0 in Olive
Wire: UTC Ultrawire Small/Gold
Tail/Wingcase: Mallard Flank
Dubbing: Peacock Ice Dub
Legs: Pearl Krystal Flash
Resin: Solarez "Thin Hard"

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Tied with red thread and red Krystal flash legs it has worked for bluegill.



Absolutely! Although, at that point maybe we should call it the evil Christmas! Haha. Red and green...

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