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16 hours ago, WadeMade1 said:

Hello all. Craig "Sam" Blevins was my father and created the Sam's One Bug back in the early 80's. 

Tied a few thousand since then and continue to work on improving the design and color schemes.

His classic Yellow and orange fly continues to be one of the most productive patterns I've fished in warm water. I use the 1/4" foam cylinders from WAPSI.

Here are a few I have tied recently.

Bets Regards,

Wade B.







Nice ties and Welcome!


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Skinny Minnies (generic fly rod wigglers)

.... 2015 photo


Diving bill snipped from a Costco orange juice bottle, roughed up with sand paper and CA glued to closed cell EVA foam.  Adorned as you like it. Tungsten bead in front of a shelled hook, with snell going through a hole in the diving bill makes it wobble considerably.  A hole low down on the bill makes it dive deeply and vibrate.  A hole high up on the bill wobbles wider and slower but doesn't dive as aggressively.  The weight of the bead effects action and dive.

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Nice.   I've never had much luck with divers, wiggle bugs.  Main problem was getting them to dive in still water with a floating line.  They would dive in a current but half the time they ended up twisting rather than running and wiggling.  Did have some luck with them with an intermediate or sinking line.   I've got about a 1/2 dozen to tie up for a Canadian trip which is looking less likely.  Plan to use a piece of a worm weight on the bottom of the shank just behind the hook eye to get the bill to sit under the water.  Not sure a bead would work on the style I'm tying,.. The bead is a good idea. 

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