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Small dark caddis

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Saturday morning, fishing was on the slow side on my local tail-water.  There were quite a few of these guys hatching, even hatching on my waders as I fished, so I took the time to record two hatching on a rock.  Sized 16/18.  The Brookies only seemed interested in my #14 Sexy Walt's Worm, not my small nymph imitation.  The bodies of the nymphs looked much more green/olive in real life, not sure why is shows as tan/orange in the photos.  








These guys seem to hatch throughout the year on this stream, in certain areas.  

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Looks like a Little Black Caddis.  We get around here earlier in the season, body's a dark grey, wings are black.  The soft hackle should work, just down size it to 16 or 18.  Also try fishing it on the swing, since they make their way to the shore to hatch.    One thing I learned, particularly with the local Little Black Caddis,  because an insect is a size 16, doesn't mean you want to tie it on a size 16 hook.  I was trying to tie a dry version and used a size 16 hook.  It turned out to be a lot bigger than actual insect.  Finally ended up using a size 20 TMC 2488 to tie it.  


Little Black Caddis.jpg

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