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Fly Tying
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Mark Knapp

Please read these critique guidelines

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Sometimes people want to post something without necessarily being critiqued and it has made some people reluctant to post. Others feel like it's open season for criticism if it's posted on the forum. To help clear things up a little, here are some guidelines for critique on this forum.

  • Do not critique unless critique is asked for.
  • If you believe you could help someone do better, but they haven't asked for critique, simply ask them if they are open to critique.
  • Only constructive criticism is acceptable. Constructive critique is done to help someone improve, not to show how much you know. If you are not able to help someone do better, it's better not to say anything. For example, instead of saying something like "The proportions are all wrong" say " Traditionally on that fly the tail is about one hook shank in length and the hackle is...." The former is not going to help anyone do better.
  • In some cases, critique may not be asked for but it really may be necessary. In cases of proper fish handling, general safety precautions, and matters of ethics and legality, critique may not be welcomed but in the interest of a better community and community image it may be necessary.

This is a locked version of this thread to keep it un-muddled. If you wish, you may still respond to the un-locked, un-pinned version of this thread below

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