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Fly Tying

Beginner/Intermediate Tier - Fly Swap #5 - Terrestrials - This swap is full! - Final part of the series

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Flies Mailed

This is the fifth and final of this series of swaps I am offering for the fishing "off season".  It will be open for a minimum of 6 tiers and a maximum of two 10 tier tiers.  This is one is for TERRESTRIAL patterns.  Terrestrials are insects that DO NOT live in the water at any part of their life cycle.  Examples can include ants, beetles, caterpillars, cicadas, grasshoppers, crickets, etc...

All participants will receive a fly tying gift for participating.

Sign-up will end on March 1st.  All flies must be received by March 31, 2021.  DO NOT forget your toe tags and SASE.

You do NOT have to have participated in any of the prior swaps in this series to sign-up for this swap.

 If this is your first swap read the articles at the top of this forum section.  Any questions please feel free to PM me by clicking on my WWKimba name on this swap and you will be connected to write/send me a PM (private message).  Most important - HAVE FUN!

Let me say to everyone who has participated in this series that I have enjoyed it immensely!  I have seen some fantastic progress by each of the participants.  Thank you all for your contributions to this series.


 1 - psychoprince - Moodah Poodah - received

 2 - dogfacedoc - Foam Hopper - received

 3 - stabgnid - received

 4 - Chris_in_Louisiana - Chris's Half Drowned Hopper - received

 5 - John1986 - Ant - received

 6 - jvmills - Baby Boy Hopper - received

 7 - Chasing_Tails - Drowned Flying Ant - received

 8 - --dropped-- 

 9 - Shmang - Hard Resin Ant - received

10 - Swmalone Foam Caterpillar - received

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Shmang- put me down for a hard resin ant - my #1 pattern this past summer/fall.


Thanks and take care,


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10 hours ago, WWKimba said:

and this time THROUGHOUT the swap!


😂 stuff happens including falling off the face of the site 

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Sorry jv!  I was asked by the swap administrator NOT to do anymore tiers on the swaps.  They made a change in the sites rules and asked that I adhere to them and I agreed.


I WILL be hosting swaps in the future and I HIGHLY encourage you to participate in swaps hosted by other Swapmeisters on this site!  I have swapped with many of them and found they are all very knowledgeable, fine tyers and really nice people to work with.  I'm planning my next swap around May/June after all of this series is wrapped up with the bow put on it!

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