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skeet3t asked to see my bug photography setup.


I cut a rectangle of 1/8" plexiglass with table saw.  Heated it with heat gun so it was soft and bent it a bit.  lip down in front, up in back.

Put it on sticks next to a table.  Mount camera on tripod.  Point two umbrella strobes at the plexiglass.  Put a slave flash underneath, shining up if shooting down. Else if shooting horizontally put a slave flash behind, that flashes when the umbrellas flash, so the background isn't dark.

Shoot manual focus manual exposure. Twist things this way and that until it looks right.

The focus stacking setup would take a day or two to explain. There are videos on youtube but I do it differently.  

The next plateau for me is video.  I have all the stuff.  Lights. Microphone. New camera. Software.  Only the action is still missing.







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...found another one. Son of Mothra.  The Callibaetis Monster.   This one isn't quite as sharp for some reason.  The date stamp on this photo is May 15, 2014.  I need to get some new bugs.



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14 hours ago, partsman said:

Roberts yellow drake, I did well with these last year. This year has been a bit of conundrum, the water levels were very low but the wading was great! But alas we had some big rains, and the never ending wind and cold temps= no bugs. I was frozen Tuesday, hopefully it warm up a bit and water levels will drop some.



Very nice. 

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