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good pics of march brown nymph

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QUOTE (chucky @ Apr 29 2005, 02:32 PM)
Wow.... all that from a couple of pics.  The second one I thought looked the most similar to what I have called the march browns where I fish.  Although I would say the ones I have seen looked a lot more pale or reddish colored.  Which I guess may be the light of the picture or just the local variation.

Next time I get to go fishing, I really need to look a lot closer at the bugs...

Thanks Taxon!!!




You are right on about both the light and local variations. It's risky to assume the colors are accurate on a photograph, as both the lighting and the settings on your camera can play a lot of tricks with color. One thing I occasionally find useful is to use my photo software to convert a color photo to gray tones. It is surprising what additional I will notice when not distracted by the color in a photo. Also, as you imply, a given species of mayfly (for example) may have considerable color variation across its geographic distribution.

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QUOTE (JarrodRuggles @ Apr 29 2005, 03:26 PM)
All right!  Thats what I wanted to hear.  Thanks a lot Taxon...I was pretty sure the second one could of been a March Brown.  Thanks again!




My pleasure. Next time, you might consider taking a small aquarium net and several zip-lock sandwich bags streamside. That way, you don't have to grab the insect with your fingers, and chance doing it bodily harm. Both will fit conveniently in the back of a vest, and can be retrieved when you want to capture something. It's certainly not as effective as a butterfly net for adult insects, but will often work, and is a lot more convenient to carry.

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