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  1. I have been inactive on here wayyyyyy to long. I thought I would post my favorite photo of the trip and a little bit about the day for you guys to read. This same article appears on my facebook page, with additional photos. You can find my facebook page by googling The Bear and The Echo photography. Go to the photo sesison Blood and Fishing - Chad vs the Big Lost.




    There is nothing I love more in the world, save my family, than the Big Lost River. So when I had a chance to combine the two, it was like a euphoric dream. Chad and I had been trying to schedule a BLR trip for over a year, and last week it finally came together. I literally did not sleep the night before, which is something that only happens to me when the kiddos are sick and when a mouse runs across my face in my bed (that’s another story). We fished a stretch of the Big Lost that neither of us had ever fished before…… one that we had both always wondered about, but never had the time, nor patience, to realize. It took Chad but moments to gear up and hit the water after I parked the Tundra. Me on the other hand…….. It always feels like I am in slow motion during the prelude to glory. After an hour on the water I decided that I wanted to take the opportunity to photograph Chad while he fished. Chad is a master fly fisherman. His casts are both beautiful and deadly. He can read both the water and the mind of his prey incredibly accurately. Chad tripled my catch in 2 hours. It is not often that I give up actual “hard” fishing time on the Big Lost, but these images will forever remind me that things in this world do not matter. Only love matters. Family and friends are keepsakes that we should hoard away in our hearts and memories while we are able. These are for you Chad. Thanks for the day. It is something that I will treasure all the rest of my time on this Earth.


  2. I inherited this C8 5wt 8 1/2 inch HDH rod from one of my fathers best friends upon his death.

    I have only looked at it for 4 years and I really want to fish it. I have studied about the Philipson Pacemakers online but can't find much out about this rod with the multi color wraps. It also seems to be in the most incredible shape ever. Looks brand new. Anyhow, would you fish it or sell it or look at it?

    I'm tired of looking at it (and wanting to fish it)

    What the heck is it worth?









  3. Please don't put the word MURDER in your headline unless you are speaking about a human.

    You can't murder animals....let's get it straight.

    I shoot carp with my bow every spring, I catch them on my rod every summer, and I ride them in my avatar pic all year long.

    All are fun.

    None are murder.



  4. I'm not sure where you heard that gore tex loses its shedding ability after 4-5 rain falls.


    I think it was prolly a review from someone who disliked simms customer service.

    They knocked um pretty hard.

    This has all been very helpful. I don't think I'll be spending mega bux on one of these jackets.

    Seems like I can get a good jacket for a great price.


  5. I just got a call from a buddy who won a lottery draw for a float on the Smith river in White Sulpher Springs Montana.

    I plan on going with him but figure that 4 days of wilderness float in Montana in April is going to be COOOOOLD.....so, I need a good wading jacket.

    I am tossing around a Patagonia Guidewater and a Simms G3 but I've read so many different things about each jacket I'm still not decided.

    I read that Gore Tex loses it's rain shedding/beading ability after 4 or 5 rains and I've read where the guidewater holds up.

    Any other jacket that I have not heard of?

    What do you wear?



  6. Hey Futzer.

    This is not an uncommon event no matter how you look at it and I share in your grief. They do this to a whole river where I live.

    In fact I documented a fish save I did in the middle of winter here in Southeast Idaho.

    They do this every year now (for the last 3 years) and are getting away with it.

    Watch it here:



    I'm going to explode one of these days if people don't change their century old mindset about water being important to crops alone.

    Farmers in our valley have destroyed the river and the groundwater level completely, no ifs ands or butts about it.

    They have no remorse, no care other than self preservation. Heck they even hate each other here.

    Oh the stories I could tell (I sell ranch and farm real estate)

    Trout unlimited did a presentation this last summer proving the groundwater shrinkage due to farmers deep wells and I was in personal attendance.

    They had an incredible amount of charts and graphs and studies and they proved their point to me, but the farmers in attendance (94% of the people in attendance) would not be swayed and were hateful and mean.

    It would take 5 20 foot snow winters in a row with massive runoff to get this valley back to anything recognizable.

    We are the minority here Futzer and unless you have a billion dollars forget it and find somewhere else to fish.....At least until they dry that one up to.

    It will continue.

    At least you still have your memories.

    They can't take those.

  7. Hey guys, thanks for the support :) . Yeah, hair is not easy... I actually had a better humpy, that one turned out pretty bad : ) , I'll post pictures of my progress.


    I really like it here, you guys give really good advice.


    Sometimes I feel frustrated on my tying though... some ppl is reaaaally good.


    One thing you need to do to overcome your frustration is not compare yourself (your tying) to others, especially the tyers on here.

    Just tie at your own pace and then go catch fish with um.

    I don't have one fly in the database here because, well, My flies are for fish eyes only.

  8. If you have not voted yet VOTE, but heed my words and take extra time looking at each of the flies in the Salmon and Steelhead - Freestyle flies section. It took me over an hour to vote for the fly I liked best (sucks I can't vote for 5). Frankly whoever tied these flies blew me away tonight. It made my night to look at them over and over again.

    Thanks you guys and gals!!

  9. Hi Big Lost, I fish two cane rods I own at least a few times a year, a 3 weight 6 1/2 foot, made by George Hinde, and a 7 foot 4 weight unknown maker, old rod. It is quite fun. You really need to slow down, and feel the rod load. I only fish dries on them, but it is really fun and historic feeling. After you are done for the day, wipe it down, and when storing leave the cap off the tube so it can breathe.


    Cheers, Futzer.


    Thanks Futzer,

    I was curious about the care of the rod after fishing it. I am looking forward to fishing them all this summer....actually can't wait now.

  10. Bamboo is fantastic to fish with. I currently have 4 cane rods myself. Like was mentioned it takes a slower wider casting stroke, but once you get use to it there's just nothing like the feel of a good cane rod.


    The biggest thing about them is storage. Bamboo rods will get a 'set" in them if they arent cared for properly so always store them laying flat if you plan to not use them for awhile.


    Thanks Steve, I was storing them vertically in my rod case, but now I'll lay them down...maybe under my bed.

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