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  2. Mike, you jarheads have to stay off the decks of submarines.
  3. I agree, thanks. @SilverCreek, thanks for those links. I don't typically mind using feathers that are over over-sized when tying nymphs, as I think the extra movement in the water is a plus, but when I looked at the first set of photos I took, they looked overly long, so I snipped 'em on that one. I'll try going a bit shorter next time.
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  5. Second that. Filling them with water was something I hadn't done until recently and I wondered why I hadn't done that in the past. A few months ago I discovered a leak, though I just hung them outside on a high fence post and filled them with water from a hose. Because they were hanging, I could see more surface area at once, and I nearly jumped for joy when I almost immediately located the leak. Marked the location, let them dry, and fixed it with some of that super-sticky repair tape that came with the waders. Best wishes, leaks are frustrating.
  6. Chris in LA showed up today. Some really nice crickets. Kind of funny but last year and again this year crickets have been finding a way into our house as weather cools. Years of nothing getting in and this year spider crickets, garden crickets, and even a scorpion. Well Chris's crickets are nice enough that if I left on the floor I'm sure my wife would be beating it with a fly swatter before long but they're too nice to take that chance. This is going to be a really good and usable swap if you're not a dry fly purist, and there are those. One guy on a different most anything he thinks will work but his wife only fishes dry and then only if it's tied with 100% natural product. No synthetics. Now that's a purist and he says sometimes she outfishes him, especially on small creeks for brookies and wild browns.
  7. My take is it probably looks worse than it is, for lack of better words. I don't think it would take very long to tidy it up, if you choose. You have a lot of great supplies there! Happy tying, I imagine the nights are starting to take over up your way.
  8. I had one of the old English hackle pliers for years and it did the job just fine. When I lost them, I got one of the Tiemcos and I’ve been very happy with it; the yellow grip thing seen in Norm’s picture wore out years ago and I’ve had to replace it with heat-shrink tubing a couple times but that’s no big deal. Regards, Scott
  9. So Mike yesterday (sunday) I more or less skipped breakfast and just had my normal cup of coffee around 1130 or 12 I made myself a sloppy jo with left over sphegetti sauce, for dinner I had..... My kids had a thing at church so I was able to meet up with a couple friends for most of a round of disc golf. I also got the handle on this guy most of the way cleaned up for the most part I detest antler as a handle material but my buddies dad just had to have it, turned out decent a little fatter than I normally prefer but it feels pretty good. Edit yesterday I had spaghetti for lunch the sloppy joe was Saturday.
  10. You watch Nascar for the wrecks as well don't ya ? 😆
  11. I have to admit I was hoping for a roll over at the top all the way to the bottom.
  12. Here is my C & F Design Midge biot pliers. Love em. Use them for all my soft hackles and biots. Plus the are very good at pulling off an errant hackle fibre or two. Downside is they are expensive but everyone I lent them to at our club’s tying table loved them.
  13. I lîke the stonefo's with the springs. They hold well and the spring prevents me from snapping stems or pulling the stem out of the jaws. I wish they made the finger hole bigger but I've yet to find a hackle plier that has a big enough finger hole for me.
  14. I come here because for 18 years no matter how much some of you guys irritate me, nor how tired of it I get, I feel I have too or else the whole thing disappears.....wait, was that out loud? 😁 Err...I meant friendship, yeah, that's it.
  15. Just in time for the cold weather ?, another month and I switch to neoprene waders, much nicer in icy water.
  16. And we are forever grateful. When a Navy boat goes down, you guys are the ones that give us a ride back to shore.
  17. Thank you all! Silver your method Sounds reasonable and simple. I’ll give it a shot and let you know how It goes. Skeet my leaks are definitely up possibility higher than the knee so it might be more like 5 gallons and I’m not sure the stitching will withstand the weight of that much water.
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  19. What and deprive the fisherman the battle hardened look? , thanks Silver, it never occurred to me to aquaseal from the inside I always patched and sealed from the outside. learn something every day
  20. Tie them on a jig hook, the umpqua u555 is nice and pretty affordable.
  21. I have had and now have stocking foot waders. The leaks I get are around the tape at the boot area. I hang them from the deck rail and put in a gallon of water. Mark the spot, let the boots dry and seal with Aquaseal. About 25 years ago, a freebie magazine that you could get an any tackle shop, etc., had a test of various brands of waders. One brand had such a bad review that they went out of business. Can't remember as it wasn't a company I recognized at that time.
  22. Thanks for that quilted tyer link it's really good.
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