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  2. You are listing yourself as the #12 swapper. If you do that you mean for us to only send in 11 flies? If you don't list yourself and the swap fills up then it's 12 flies. Nick
  3. I’m going to try my hand at some October Caddis Pupa.
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  5. SalarMan is giving you excellent advice. I know because he gave it to me and having taken it it's made my journey much easier to digest. Oh yeah the journey never ends. Tie and post your ties. We don't bite. Welcome aboard.
  6. Critique: give it up George. You have no future tying those fantastic salmon flies. Of course I'm kidding. You're showing us amazingly beautiful work.
  7. I just tied some Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymphs very close Mr. Whitlock's design. He offered up options or alternatives in his pattern recipes (see link below). Which I used. Mr. Whitlock was a very accomplished tier and angler. He studied his craft. Which was catching fish and the best way to succeed at it. Hence some exceptional fly designs, equipment contributions, and angling technics. Here's a link discussing the Red Fox Nymph (https://davewhitlock.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/RFSHN-story-and-tying.pdf ). He offers up substitutions in that. As a side note: Sometimes adhering to an original design is impractical if not outright illegal. I tie steelhead flies. Often trying to replicate the original design to the extent possible. Those old timers used some materials not available anymore or presently flat out illegal. Polar bear for one was widely used amongst other things. I do have some pre 1972 polar bear that I use in tying for my personal use. I keep the CITES certification and all. A while back on this forum there was a problem when some ties/materials crossed an international border. A customs agent decided to give it a looksie. Some of the materials had an international ban for use. It was done innocently but It put the person doing the shipping into a world of grief. Having said all that, a swap that has replications using original materials and design may be a good one to contemplate. Those swap flies will end up in a display. Something to consider as I'm game. This one though, do the best we can.
  8. By all means substitute if need be. Try to stay close to the original to the extent possible. What that is ???
  9. That's a sweet set of flies and I am also very happy we support the outside organizations. Nice work St. Nick🎅
  10. No one thinks being an elf is easy😁 I'm also sure everyone will be happy with what Santa sends. Those are all very nice boxes.
  11. Are you ok with substituting materials or do you want these to be all original materials that pattern called for? It is your swap so your choice and I am ok with whatever
  12. Im in TBD, it will be cool to have a set of Whitlock patterns. Whitlock was an Oklahoma legend. I am thinking I will tie a Sheeps Minnow but undecided
  13. First a story about my very early steelheading up in MN, WI, and MI. I was a raw rookie on steelheaading in streams and was taught by the experienced that the only way to catch them was with carefully tied fresh spawn bags. This made the first hen of the season in high demand for eggs. In tying them we used various items like sheer nylons the wife had runs in, wedding veil dyed orange, and an OTC material too expensive. To start tying them in the evening you'd very carefully put 5 or 6 eggs in the sack, tie it and trim it neatly. This would get carefully shook in Borax and stored ready to fish. The thing is, by the time you had tied a dozen or two neatly you'd get sloppier and sloppier and pretty soon you'd convince yourself a big spoonful tied the size of a ping pong ball would be fine. Your fingers would be stuck together, the Borax was in blobs on the sacks, and we'd say, Good Enough. In our defense we gradually graduated to yarn flies and rubber eggs and releasing the unclipped native fish. Took a few years but we all grow in time. Now what does that have to do with this swap. Well, the first 20 or so packages I keep track of what's going where, what kind of flies, and pack some extras I think will work for that person. Well, I admit by the last dozen or so I lose track of what's going where, end up with two to Joe and none to Pete. You will find some of the packages with tops opened and taped and that's part of the reason. There are NO boxes a person shouldn't be happy to get and if you get flies for New Zealand and only fish panfish, put it on your bucket list and make plans. I have been harping about Pirate Ship for shipping packages. It was time consuming to type out all the labels, print them and stick them on the right packages (note some of the cut open tops) but after all was said and done doing this saved $54.70 over just taking them in to PO for processing as I've done in the past. This, and the generousity of some members, means I will be able buy some discount packages when available to be ready for next year's Secret Santa Swap.
  14. Fished the Blue River for trout this round. Opted for Super Dupers and Ultralight Fishing Gear. Three of us fished - two fished with Ultralight Spinning Gear and yours truly fished with Ultralight Baitcasting gear. Cold front rolled in the night before dropping the temps below freezing. Anticipating trout tending deeper, decided to fish Super Dupers. Stopped at Scotty's Blue River One Stop to restock on Super Dupers - picked up Rainbow Trout, Silver, and Copper Super Dupers to add to the gold and silver ones I already had. After a quick check at the low water crossing, went downriver to fish. After finding the pattern limited out with three trout each! PS: Yours truly wore hip waders and went a little too deep. Lesson learned where Pants Waders or Chest Waders. Also, we did have a wading boot blowout after many seasons. Secured the sole with rope to make it last one more trip. It worked... and has now been retired.
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  16. Thank you gentlemen...your kind words are much appreciated.
  17. Shrimp Larve Hook- Mustad 3407-DT 6 or 8's Thread- clear mono Body- white sparse hair polar bear or goat, 2 strands of purple flash, black bead chain eye's, sparse crystal dubbing color to match (pink, green, orange and polar white) They fish like a small Clouser, white perch runs coming soon.
  18. Welcome back from a relative newcomer - I joined here mid-2020 after coming over from FAOL. You'll see me a lot on the swaps section. I'm a born and bred central NYer and have been tying for 50+ years and hosting swaps for going on 12 years now. I look forward to seeing your posts! Kim
  19. Thanks poopdeck. I’ve reached out to a liaison. Odds of them being an angler… we shall see
  20. Mine is actual experience. I also recall that a a visitors license while not requiring one to pass an exam does require an affiliation with a fishing club. Almost all fishing in Germany has to be done through a club. Probably why your not finding much in regards to personal experience. Perhaps the state department can help you out.
  21. Thanks for the comments, and yes SilverCreek and Flytire I found those statements a while ago too. @Poopdeck Thanks for that info as well, I may be in the same mindset the way it is looking; "they just don't want people fishing". We support a mission out of the NATO Air Base just outside Geilenkirchen. Just wondering if anyone had actual experience, opposed to the results of a google search.
  22. Beautiful fly. Critique, I can't tie them to put on my wall. Rick
  23. fishing license in germany Fishing rod licence and permit in Germany - Where to fish? (fishinglicence.eu) 2.2 Foreign visitors: Except of the federal state Bremen and Hamburg, foreigners can obtain a fishing rod licence without passing an exam. Information on where to obtain the fishing rod licence can be found here. However, knowledge of German (a translator) is necessary and eventually some phone calls. Before you actually go fishing, make sure you have got a valid fishing permit from the owner for the particular water you want to fish!
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