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  2. Got to have knots. I'm not aware of any thread that doesn't require a knot, but a half hitch or three is easy to accomplish . There are some advanced tying techniques that you can do with super glue and small flies, size 20 and smaller, but generally speaking a knot is the thing to do. Thread is the cheapest material for fly tying I know of. It can be thin (GSP) and strong or not so thin and pretty strong. I can't imagine tying a fly using the sewing thread I'm thinking of. It's hawser-like and not isn't made for torquing down on the hook. Then, too, I wouldn't use fly tying thread for sewing, which I only do occasionally (I live alone). I say this knowing that some good tyers here use it just not me. If I had to choose a thread and only one it would be a 70 denier in black. That's 8/0, but 6/0 is equally as good just not as small.
  3. Some sort of finish knot is almost always needed. You can learn to make a Whip finish from many sites on Utube. You can also finish off with a half hitch and a tiny drop of super glue. Just for clarification: I I have been using Gutermann Skala threads for well over 25 years. I used to get mine from Oshman, Brothers but now use Wawak. The cost for these spools is expensive, but when you breakdown the cost with the yards, you will find that a 100 yard spool is less than 25 cents. One other thread that is use for salt water patterns, or other LARGE flies is Gutermann Bulky Nylon, which I get at Joann Fabrics. As I said, I use only white thread and color heads with a marker when necessary.
  4. Cool demo on catching fish on a bare hook, no bait. Bare Hook, No Bait, I Got This! #fishing #funny #shorts https://youtube.com/shorts/SLNomBHLtt8?feature=share
  5. what type of Flytying thread can be used and not require a knot, just pulled tight at the end?
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  7. Chris Hope you are feeling better. We need to keep you young guys around pushing those of us slowly pushing 80. Tom
  8. Right up my alley but I’m fishing till Saturday
  9. My try at Josaphine Baker flies, down sized for panfish.
  10. Vicrider's caddis flies arrived yesterday, waiting on the last set.
  11. next challenge fly is a.....Whitlock’s ‘Whit Hair Bug’ – fruit cocktail pattern
  12. Trueblood's Caddis Hook - Straight or Curved shank Weight - Lead free wire (Optional) Thread - Black Tail - Green floss or uni-stretch Shellback - Peacock herl Ribbing - Silver wire Body - Green floss or uni-stretch Legs - Mallard, teal partridge fibers Popular Fly Patterns - Terry Hellekson
  13. Nice Johnny that a mummichog I would bite!
  14. Nice work Saint Nick did you had some elf's helping? hope you're doing better- your health is the most important thing.
  15. When I left Central Minn. 40 years ago we were having to wait till Dec. to start ice fishing. Now I wonder if they get to ice fish at all.
  16. Nice Mark,cant go wrong with bou.Couple old buddies trying to get together on the ice this season.Been years and most of us may not have too many ice fishing years left in us.Were gonna go last year but only had safe ice for about a week.
  17. All good advice,most stations near me give you 10 cents a gallon cheaper for cash.2 of my favorite restaurants have gone back to cash only too.Most local bars hamburger taco places etc charge 3% more for cards.Not sure what is going on but cash is king again in my area.
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  19. Oakham orange #10 2x long orvis hook Amber hen hackle & coller silver tinsel body silver wire rib Hen hackle fibres tail burnt orange Vevus thread NEXT FLY: Trueblood caddis
  20. Santa does great work. Glad you are doing better. Tom
  21. Mark, Have a great time on the ice. Minneapolis is looking at 50 tomorrow and the lakes are wide open. Tom
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