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  2. Nice stash of meat and feathers!
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  4. Yes, I have not heard a bob white in a long while, afraid they are all but gone from this area. Only upland is stocked ringneck pheasants they rarely make it thru the winter if they escape the limited hunting areas. A few grouse but very few. More geese and mallards than anything else, harder to find hunting areas. Easier to find housing developments, not surprised farming is a lot of work for less money.
  5. Curious here. I use the macro setting and stack +4 and +10 diopter lenses on the main lens. The fly has a neutral tan background. Example of a fly is shown. Can't find a photo of my setup in the archives but it's a desk with the cloth background on the desk and the wall, two clamp-on lights from harbor Freight with CFL bulbs and a sheer cloth cover to cut the glare.
  6. I am finally tired of my substandard photo's and looking at a light ring to develop a starting point. Questions, I see everything from 6" to 18" lights and wonder what I need for general purpose use, is 18" to large? I am thinking 12" to 18" Amazon has a GLOUE 18" dimmable unit with mounts under $60 is this to large for desk top work? Is this the best starting point or do I need to build a light box ? My camera is a Olympus TG if that makes any difference takes nice pictures outdoors but my macro / fly pictures are very poor, probably a lot to do with the operator.
  7. Bouncer Category - Salmon Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H Thread - Black Tip - Oval gold tinsel Butt - Fluorescent orange yarn (Danville Depth Ray) Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel Body - Black uni yarn Throat - Orange hackle fibers Wing - Yellow bucktail Reference - Perrault's Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies
  8. Thanks. Don't keep many fish and don't even think about polluted water fish. I do eat fish and did regularly when living up north but had a ready mixture in lakes of walleye, perch, bass, northern pike, bluegill, crappie, white bass and sauger. Then in rivers and big lake had brookies, browns, rainbow/steelhead, coho, chinook and lake trout. When you had this kind of variety of fish to eat out of as clean a water as is generally available in states today it does seem silly to consider a fish like that for the table. Really miss the north in spring, summer and fall but not for the six months of winter.
  9. Thanks man, so I wouldn’t eat any fish here in that river. It’s polluted. But I haven’t eaten rio’s but personally I’d think they would be similar to tilapia. Bony... however they are kinda one of those fish people would be mad about others keeping so, keep that in mind. I wouldn’t kill one personally.
  10. I'm one of those that goes from 3wt to 9wt and have several doubles of one in graphite or glass and one in bamboo. I have bamboo in 3,4,5,6, and 8. Graphite in 3,4, and six. Glass from 5 to 9. Many of those rods are older than most people on the board and all of my glass are from the Shakespeare Wonderod Howell Spiral wrap days. I have a collection of reels that could outfit almost each one of these separately if I had need and someday I'm going to start getting pictures and thin the herd. Oh yeah, I also have some classic old baitcasting and spinning reels and rods in steel and fiberglass. Also a dozen or more modern graphite spin and baitcasting rods and reels. When I actually type this out I begin to see why my wife says she doesn't want to deal with this when I'm outa here and to do it now. She'd only start selling stuff for I told her I paid for it.
  11. I would love to have a spot to fish. The access available for a handicapped person is phenomenal and the fishing would be a ball. Unfortunately it is an 8 hour drive and 500 miles from me. To do it in a day doesn't leave me much time to fish. Just wondering since I've seen them caught like that in other places what is the edibility factor of them. I know talapia are edible and I've eaten them from store bought stock but never seen anything on the Rios. I would mention since you mentioned trout that I am amazed at the amount of places TX throws trout into compared with the few places OK puts them. Having a lifetime senior license in OK covers me for TX fishing but haven't taken advantage of it yet. Great and enjoyable video makes me very envious. Nick
  12. They were really nice, healthy birds, and they are great on the rotisserie. They are raised locally and turned loose to hunt. The bird populations for hunting here aren’t great anymore. While we have tons of ducks and geese, the quail and dove populations are getting smaller and smaller. Too much urban sprawl.
  13. @chugbug27 A lot of work there. Looks good.
  14. I've been going through David Hughes' "Essential Flies" book hoping to put together a single box of trout flies I can take pretty much anywhere, anytime, and have the "essentials". I'm not sure that's what I'm going to end up with, but it's fun trying. Anyways, I've finished the dry fly section: Next, on to the nymphs...
  15. @niveker Great lookin' fly! Nice work.
  16. I've been kicking this around , because I have been so busy I didn't know if I wanted to offer anything. But for a Black Friday, offering the most popular size this year Only gonna offer two of these. If you want one, you can pick the grip shape, wrap color, trim color, hook keeper. Blank will be my new matter black 10'3wt 4pc. Black Friday sale, till Sunday night only here.....$99.00 Only two at this offer. Just wanted to do something for you guys.
  17. You can kind of tell when folks started fly ting by what book they recommend for beginners. I used Fling and Puterbaugh's "Basic Manual of Fly Tying" published in 1981. https://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/9780806986548utm_source=Google?utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=lbHlpxiEbDY&utm_campaign=10&siteID=lbHlpxiEbDY-lM3uBuN2mDnXOuPX8ZBhLQ
  18. TO ALL IN THIS SWAP - We are again a 2 tier swap - giving a total of TWO groups (tiers) of swappers. You still need to tie no more than 10 flies for the swap - each tier will swap with-in it's own group of swappers. If I put you in a group/tier and you feel better suited to the other tier please just let me know and I can switch you. I know some may just be newer to tying so the Beginner tier is a better fit. I also recognize that you may be an Intermediate tyer BUT in THIS style of fly you may not be as comfortable and would like to sign-up in Tier #1. Again I'm happy to make the move. Just PM me to let me know. Kim
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