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  2. I like it. That’ll get some snook too.
  3. It surprises me that more peeps aren’t using the Hardasnails, resin, or epoxy with the glitter dust. May be cuz it’s kinda messy. Gotta dust over sheet of paper or sumthin. You can “paint” different areas on the bodies dust on a color. Let it dry; which ain’t long. Then do another area/color and so on. Put eyes, stripes, stipples on last. Then final coat to cover and slick it off. Lots faster than paint drying. Pearl for bellies and transition to dark blue or black for bait fish. The pepper shakers are easy; cutting a corner on the lil bags is not as good but the stuff is cheap. Jazz up some key fobs with it too.
  4. you keep this up I'll be in my neighbors pasture with scissors😁
  5. Shoulder is hurting. Maybe time for a little break. “Variant in the third” Hook ..... Partridge wet. Sz 16 Thread .. Pearsall’s gossamer olive tail. .... Hungarian dyed olive Body. ..... pure white mustang tail hair wrapped over oilve thread. That gave the body a nice glowing primrose effect . Nice but not what we were looking for. Used olive marker to tone it down. Hackle ..... Hungarian dyed olive
  6. I am not sure if the PLA I am currently using floats or not, but there is a huge variety of filaments I can use on this so I'm sure one of them will float. One upgrade I bought at the same time I bought the printer is the Swiss dual gear direct drive extruder/metal hot end combo. That allows the use of all sorts of filaments. There's actually a flexible filament that I can use which is basically the same thing as soft rubber baits like twister tails and such. Its crazy the type of stuff you can print on these things.
  7. thanks for filling us troutguy. Look forward to your ties.
  8. does that plastic float? maybe some popper/diver heads in the future
  9. No offense intended, TIER, as I meant that as a joke. He's scared of very little, I'm sure, but the most dangerous wild animals are the one's who are 'used' to people. Anyway, like I said, that's a great photo, one that 99% of the people in the US will never have the opportunity to take, so keep them coming.
  10. Actually you'd be surprised at how long it lasts. They sell it in 1kg spools (2.2lb) and the filament I am using is PLA+ which costs about $24 per spool. I've done this statue, three smaller statues, a set of headers for one of my 1/10 scale rc trucks, and a couple of smaller items for rc trucks, and I'd say I have used maybe at most, 5% to 10% of the spool so far if even that much. It lasts a really long time from what everyone says. Kind'a surprised me as well because I thought it would go through it much faster than it does.
  11. I working on making some fly boxes using the clear plastic photo storage boxes that you can pick up in craft stores with 6 mm foam as the liner. Just about finished updating some old patterns with new eyes and UV resin. Still need to update the foam heads on my floating mop flies. Did tie up a bass size Tony's Froggie last night. If I get some tied over the weekend I'll take pictures and post them.
  12. How is the cost of the plastic for making that statue. I'm guessing it used a lot
  13. Most of my days are slow days. If they weren't there would be no such thing as great days. when the shad run starts in the spring I'm usually blanked the first few outings then we start catching a few and the next few trips we will start catching a bunch and then it starts to taper off. Than we repeat the same process for striper where I might catch a catfish or one striper for a couple trips but sooner or later we start catching a half dozen to over twenty before they start tapering off to catching nothing again. Then we switch to flounder and bass and pretty much repeat the process. The unknown and the anticipation is what makes fishing enjoyable. Nice video and a nice day of fishing.
  14. Great looking fly, @SBPatt! Nice work.
  15. Purple Haze Softhackle I’ll start with something simple. hook - WFC Model 11 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 purple rib - small wire silver abdomen - goose quill purple thorax - Prism dubbing purple collar - hen grizzly Regards, Scott
  16. yea, and now they supposedly have Whiting grizzly hen cape back in stock so exchanging for that. It's hard to go wrong with Whiting but thought that I would try it.
  17. Added some soft hackles and pheasant tail nymphs to the box last night.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Welcome MKR from CFFC. I will tie a dry probably
  20. Big toys for big boys.
  21. denduke, good idea for the dropper. Need to try it. May even get two on at once.
  22. Yes I agree. For me though fishing is a bit of work though, but enjoyable work. Haha!
  23. Oh man, sorry to hear no fish for you. That’s rough. Hopefully it improves soon. Yeah around here it’s not bad. I still miss Colorado fishing but, this isn’t bad at all.
  24. There’s a whole lotta this stuff we do that ain’t necessary. But that ain’t no fun. Don’t put side legs on salty stuff for sure. Wonder how big a jar of nickles for every fly I’ve given away. Been a few combo rigs w/boxes of flies to serious wannabes to boot. Need to come up with something new getting board. You working on something new lately? Guess not or you’d post it. Nice “firetiger” look on that doublebarrel. February is usually my busiest time for tying. Ben giving the foam stuff he’ll! 😛Getting antsy about Ozark trip the 29th; gonna need storm drawers!!!
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