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  2. Been long enough that I double posted! Oops!
  3. I can't remember the last time I logged in... Been even longer since I did a swap... Glad to see some old names and some new ones too!
  4. Drool worthy! Love the grip idea.
  5. Today
  6. i believe these are the foam bodies the original poster was asking about they are available from cascade crest the shapes can be cut from foam sheets as i mentioned above the above are not available at jstockard or even at rainys website Rainy's Poppers, Foam Fly Tying Materials | J. Stockard (jsflyfishing.com) buy a body punch, and punch them out using whatever color you want i still recommend scissors to cut them to shape cricut machines are $190 scissors about $3-4
  7. Now for a favorite still water leach I have had plenty of success with. Thread NYMO 3/0, Tail and body, is a synthetic brushed out yarn long ago discontinued, can't even remember the name of it. I have 2 colors and they will outlast me. Brush it out after tying and it looks like hell. but after a little soak it looks much better.
  8. Mill Creek That stone fly is a great looking fly. I will have to tie a few before I go to Idaho next spring. Thanks for the fly offer, but I am still in tying mode. I too give more flies away than I use any more. I have given up fishing the inshore lagoons around the Cape, and now fish either the surf, or the St John River for the winter Shad run. January and February are the only months that I get to wade in a river or stream around here,
  9. Here is one when we started a VLOG series. This was fishing a local pond in 2016!
  10. It really was, been dreaming of that spot at the end ever since. Planning another trip down there to just hit that spot next time.
  11. Just off the bench today. 11' 3wt 5pc with bit of more of a mini spey style grip setup so the owner can flip his euro set up better two handed. Black wraps & silver trim give this one a nice clean look.
  12. I believe you will find some colored form at J Stockard. On the menu look under Rainy's, hopefully this will help!
  13. Thanks mikemac1! I sure appreciate your help and time!
  14. Hopefully you'll get your dad back home fast.
  15. Don’t think I’ll ever need another vise as having the Dyna King Ultimate pretty much fits my needs. But if you are selling it let me know and I’ll ask around.
  16. Me too. I'm more than happy with my Pro. That vise does it all for me. I mean if it's good enough for Charlie Craven it's good enough for me.
  17. Utyer's advise is spot on. He helped me on my Barricuda. Place the hook in the jaw and adjust the cone till it is touching the hook. Then back it off (open it up) just a bit. This will allow the lever to securely pop into the indent. If you don't pop it into the indent the hook will slip.
  18. Looks like a good day on the water.
  19. @terp I was just being a smart-ass with my comment. Those vises are a bit above my pay grade. My next one will most likely be a Peak Rotary.
  20. I've been thinking about selling it and am open to offers. I bought it used from a professional fly tier on this forum for $450 a year ago. I then got new midge jaws ($100) and also got the existing standard jaw refurbished by Dyna-King (I forget the cost of this). I've probably tied 10 flies on it at most.
  21. Ive fished for bluegill tons. Well sunfish in general. Check out some of my other videos. Lots of small creek and lake fishing in south texas. For bass, bluegill, etc...
  22. Yes it can. However lots of people wade here. Just gotta do the stingray shuffle. Still not fool proof though, and yes there is a small likelihood of getting hit by a stingray. However, the sharks are a different story, they are there. Same with alligators. So just gotta keep your eye out, and hope/pray for the best.
  23. I'm waiting to see what @terp wants too
  24. I finally hooked one of these amazingly powerful fish on the fly. It took off like crazy and ended up bending the hook I was fishing. Last week I put up a video that was on the previous day's fishing and I didnt catch much except a stingray, some skipjack and a bunker. And even though this day started out slow, and I only had a couple hours to fish, I finally ended up hooking into my target species, the redfish. The flats we found were absolutely picture perfect. The reds were chasing bait, and there were quite a few all around. They were tailing all over the place, and readily eating. Granted I found out that they did not want the fly to move too much and would get scared when I stripped near them. Johnny ended up hooking into a really nice red, pushing about 26 inches after slowing down his retrieve. I ended up finally hooking a spunky little red when I slowed down the retrieve also. It was an amazing day, and I cannot express how happy I am to finally hook into one of these fish. It took off so fast, that it gave my stripping finger line burn, and I bent the hook. It was amazing! If I had tied the fly myself, on a stronger hook, I would have brought that fish in. BTW, for any of you who think adding scent is cheating, I get that. However I don't really think its fully cheating. The reds have good noses and can smell anything off with the flies. So, when I am adding super glue or resin to keep the flies more durable, it alerts them to something being off about the fly. It doesn't smell like food to them, and they are more reluctant to bite. This scent is made to mimic shrimp, and both Jonny and I swear by it. It not only masks the glues, it adds the scent that reds are looking for in their food.
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