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  2. I asked, but my wife said no. ("Absolutely not!" was the way she put it....) Sorry.
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  4. I'd talk to sbpatt about dying them, he does a ton of it, while he may not be interested in doing it for you I'm sure he could give you some good pointers.
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  6. Thank you all for the advice! Hopefully I'll be able to set aside some useful materials during hunting season this winter.
  7. I always get one size bigger. I wear a 12.5 - 13 street shoe and always get size 14 wading boot. I like to wear a thick thermal type sock over my stocking foot of my wader because it protects the waders plus cushions the feet after fishing all day. So one size up helps with that.
  8. $.02. I found a pair of stocking lace up boots with zippers on the side. Sure makes a difference getting on over my pot gut. Problem is don’t see them for sale much....Hodgeman model T142 size 11 cuz shoe is 10. They got felt soles with studs. Lotta waders are L,M,S so not true to shoe sizes. One size up still I have lotta extra foot but it crams in alright You go too big they pull off in mud ducking and having to plod along.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok52rDIIbfQ&feature=youtu.be 10 SUB SPECIAL!!!! Let's get to 25 subs!
  10. Furled Worm, Ned Rig Black/Olive Kimo
  11. At least they opened the resident bear hunts back up in Alaska. Bear hunting is a solitary thing. All our ramps and parks are still open for now. Of course, everything's still frozen too.
  12. Boy Oh Boy, this virus aint good for much but it is good for fly tying.
  13. Hoards of Locusts! A whole box of Parachute Hoppers arrived today. If you look up Parachute-style Dry Flies in the dictionary, the picture beside the definition ought to be Woodenlegs’ flies. Wow! If anyone is on the fence, we have 2 spots for now, but the swap closes tomorrow. If you’re thinking about it, getting Woodenlegs’ flies ought to be enough to convince you to join. BB
  14. Royal Michigan Skunk Kicking myself; should have used the pronghorn for the wing. Next time. Swapped out traditional grey squirrel tail for woodchuck. hook - Dai Riki 300 #8 thread - UTC 140 black tail - woodchuck tail body - peacock herl/Uni Stretch Chinese Red/peacock herl legs - medium rubber white wing - deer hair Regards, Scott
  15. Thanks. That's Loon clear UV resin on that one. I used stick on eyes and wanted to make sure they stayed. I like them that way.
  16. Nice Job, welcome to the forum. I have some of those hooks too. They work good on poppers for big pike. The hook guard makes it a little harder to tie on them.
  17. The above advice is where I'd be. I think that fit will vary with brand and style, I will only buy foot wear in person after try on, but I know from online window shopping that Orvis & Simms in the styles I shopped said 1 size bigger than street size, and Cabela used to say street shoe size unless otherwise noted, the cheapies I got at Academy are marked so that the shoes in my street size are about a size and a half bigger, giving quite bit of room for the wader. I've also had import shoes that two pair of the same model fit close to the same when the size was marked a full size different. Maybe if you specify the brand/model someone will have experience with that in particular.
  18. That's unfortunate. I thought a multi-site gift-box swap seemed like a neat idea. Too bad it's not playing out that way.
  19. Good to know, but that means larger containers. Hhhhmmmm. Ok thanks, let me figure this out. You gave me something to think about here
  20. Copper Olive Tabou Caddis Emerger view from side and from above
  21. take the waders with you if your going to buy local. street size 10.5W in korkers I'm in size 12 some of it may be the extra material in the waders.
  22. I was bored and sat down at the bench with no particular fly in mind. This is what I came up with: Hook: size 12 emerger/scud Tail: Hungarian Partridge Abdomen: Cinnamon Caddis Superfine Wing: Rusty Spinner CDC (2 feathers) Hackle: Pheasant (Almond Hearts)
  23. Tenkara Fishing Local Ponds.Been itching to go fishing with the TenkaraUSA Iwana tenkara rod but sidetracked with the day job. Luckily, there was break in the work schedule... able to fish a couple of ponds. Was a tough go at first... a missed strike at the first pond, else no other bites. And then, a slow start until I figured out the pattern... Foam Grasshoppers! Had quite a few missed strikes but lots of Bluegill and one scrappy little Bass landed. Fish wanted a slow, twitchy retrieve at one end of the pond. Then, a fast retrieve at the other end. Liking the lightweight, cast all day feel of the rod. Plus, the portability from its telescoping function makes it fit in my fishing vest (converted hunting vest) without issue. Do stay tuned for more Tenkara Fishing local ponds!
  24. Hot Legs Nymph hook- mustad 9671 w/ orange bead head sized for hook, body- brown/black variegated chenille, tail/legs/antenna- silicone rubber orange black speckled antenna pulled through front of bead. many different color combinations, lots of movement, fishes well, easy to tie.
  25. It should be mandatory viewing. The fear mongering and panic did its job of making everybody take this serious but it's been long since time to move away from fear and panic and get back to working and living with COVID19. This can very simply be accomplished with two very basic rules. If the doctor can work among 1200 COVID19 patients without any type of protection 90% of the time I think we can all get back to work without any fear or increased risk of exposure. Two freaking simple rules, THATS IT!
  26. I simply clean the skins of meat and fat and dry with borax for several days, (or without borax in cool weather) as I would for the fur market, then store in ziplocks with a bit of borax. I never freeze and see no reason to, but it won't hurt anything either. If the skin is infested with ticks, fleas or lice; Stick it in a garbage bag shoot it with raid and seal the garbage bag for an hour or so, then proceed with the cleaning and drying. Borax in the storage is to kill fur/carpet beetles & moths when they come; I used to use moth balls for this but believe borax is more effective for me without the breathing hazard mothballs. Some ideas on this page may or may not be useful- http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/petti.htm
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