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  1. I got my box with the 5th anual evolution swap!

    What a surprise again. Bruce, thank you so much for doing this, you deserve a monument!


    I got my 5 boxes out and examined them once again. They all contain great ties, almost to good to keep in the box! Year after year the flies are so nicely tied and evolution comes alive in the patterns and in the names, what a fun.


    A big thank you to all my fellowswappers who made this possible again.

    CU next year!



  2. I wish you a very happy holliday, Rockworm. I'll see the flies when they get here, be it September or if need to be in octobre, I don't mind because they are worth waiting for. Since I'm also one off the guys that sends his flies in late I think it's not on me to comment on that, but I understand that it is annoying. Sorry for that. It is the reason why I don't appear in much swaps anymore. Sad but true.

    So, enjoy your vacation!



  3. I got my box really some time ago but I was not able to log in. Then I was busy with early pension so I forgot. Now I read back and realize I didn't give notice that my box arrived, What a cool swap again! This idea of Bruce takes us to great heights. Thanks for all your sweet tties and special thanks to you Bruce for your patience and your commitment to making this a succes.


    See you all next year!


  4. My tubes were in the post the 22nd of August!! They are not too big, at least not compared to a 4xl streamer hook. Are they still not in? Should I rety them? My God, being very late because I fell ill and got into hospital is one thing, but then also the package getting lost in space, that is too much.


    What shall I do Guys? Rety or withdraw?

  5. Dear fellowswappers,


    I got a message from Bruce warning me that my flies are late. I was in hospital and totally lost track on this swap. I'm very sorry for that. I allready tied some tubes, five or six I think and i will complete the tying and send out the flis before the weekend. Then they will take 4 to 6 working days to get to Bruce. I will keep you informed bij posting the progress in this topic.



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