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  1. I think they do twist a bit, but that's from casting, not the action of the spoon. The spoon does a wobble, although if you strip it hard it might flip over itself in a twist ....... No, I don't use a swivel personally, although I'm sure you could .......
  2. I've been tying up spoon flies for redfish and black drum -- I use fake fingernails and nail polish. I call them "Nail Biters" but I've also seen the called "Nail-Ums", "Finger Flingers", etc .... not an original tie by any means, but it's effective!! The tie is simple -- 1) just bend the shank of the hook a bit into a curve 2) tie on beadchain on bottom of shank at hook bend 3) tie on tail of choice and wrap extra material around shank up to the eye. Whip finish and cut thread. 4) Glue on false fingernails on top of shank (I use a quick-drying glue just to get the nail in position) 5) After it sets up, turn fly over and fill in the underside of the fly with epoxy 6) Paint with your fingernail polish of choice!! Results are like this (in black): and this one in gold .... Proof that they work ...... Oh yeah, they're not just for redfish. I tie them up in other color combinations for trout, snook, baby tarpon, and largemouth bass. Here are a couple more: And another group -- I've had great success with the white/red head one on juvi tarpon and snook .... Other than the odd stares you get when shopping for fingernail polish, it's all good ........ Enjoy!!!
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by AndrewP: I love the way rabbit works in the water, and have been tying bunny flies for quite a while. They work well, and I've caught loads of fish on a simple all-white bunny fly. I have been thinking about a simple way to add a second color. Finally sat down at the vice and created these ..... I'm sure there are some other color combinations that would work well too (black/purple, chartreuse/white for example). The flies are easy and fast to tie. Enjoy ... Bi-Colored Bunny
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