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  1. the griffin Model 2A was my first vise.. :) Its a great vise for the money and comes with a pedestal OR C- Clamp.. I still use mine quite often.. but mostly I use it to hold the previous fly I tied behind my other vise so i can see what I need to change on the next fly as i'm tying it..



    BUT.. Since you have said on Numerous occasions that you want a rotary vise.. Then go with the Danvise.. Like everyone has been telling you for the past month.. :) You realize you make a new topic about this almost daily?? LOL :P Go buy the darn Danvise and be done with it.. You won't find a better vise for the money and it sounds as though you should be spending more money on materials rather than a fancy vise.. Remember you want to make a business out of tying flies.. and you can tie them on any darn vise.. But you will need the materials to tie them all with.. Just my 2 cents for today..


    Good Luck



  2. Owner Hook company makes some small soft rubber beads.. I use them in a light green and a light reddish pink colour quite often for steelhead patterns..


    I actually just threw away the packaging the other day because I bought so many at once I figured i'd never need to remember the name and model number of them.. lol sorry




  3. Hey guys and gals,


    I just received in the mail, an order from each J Stockard and FeathersMC.. and All I can say is WOW for both companies. The quality of the materials are top notch and neither took more than 10 days to reach me in Ontario, Can..


    Both stores exceeded my expectations and I very much value to samples tossed in by FeathersMC.


    If anyone is thinking about making an order from either of these 2 stores, Then don't wait any longer. They both have the quality that us perfectionists come to expect from our tying materials.


    I will be soon making another order and can't wait to start making my shopping list. It is the age of online shopping and with the customer service from both these stores, I can see them being around for a long while!!


    Anyways.. I just needed to get my .02cents out there because I was so excited and pleased when I opened my packages. I will have to get tying now! :P




  4. dude that is sweet! keep up the good work! just remember that you are always in competiton with bass pro and cabelas so you need to be very personal to people and very friendly so they return.


    There only 1 Bass pro shop in Canada and it's north of where we live. It would be about an hours drive for me or closer to 1hr 45min from where Tom is, there selection is small and not really worth the drive. Theres only 1 cabelas in Canada and it's a good 23 hours away in another province.



    thats true but we do have several other large stores in southern ontario that are very popular and have great customer service plus a good selection of what guys are looking for..

    You need to have that special relationship with customers that makes them want to just drop by the store to chat even if they dont need anything, because they will buy stuff anyways.. Then you need to have the best selection around.. Because people will drive for hours just to go to the store that has everything plus will bend over backwards to help.. and there are already TWO of those in the London area.. Half the customers are coming from areas like Windsor and Toronto just to have a rod fixed or to buy some flies or a few materials and then since they are already there, they tend to spend a ton of money on stuff they dont need just because they aren't sure if they will be able to get it at their local stores..


    That is the kind of customers that you want to attract..



    Good luck, and I hope to hear about your store from guys on the rivers soon..



  5. Mike-- What size silk beading do you use? I just found it online and it lists sizes 0 through 17.. :wallbash:


    I'm guessing you use fairly small like .35mm or .45mm ??


    thanks and sorry for all the questions.. I just want to make sure I buy the right stuff when buying online.. (We don't have much a sewing or knitting shop near by)




  6. trim the hide off after putting the rabit hair into a dubbing loop for the collar



    I have been using a Magic Tool set to do this.. It has been the best $30 i've ever spent on tying tools.. Or just use a split thread or dubbing loop technique and cut off the hide like Riffleriversteelheadslayer said..




  7. Now i feel stupid but I'm not familiar with Silk beading?? I haven't been tying speys very long and have not heard this term before? nor have I seen anything in stores called silk beading!?!? Is it something that is made yourself or is it a store bought item?




  8. I use mostly griffin ceramic bobbins.. However, over the past couple years I have picked up different ones here and there that all work for me at times.. Rite bobbin, Dr Slick, couple $3 large tube bobbins for wool and tinsels, etc..



    I have found that with the Rite Bobbins, I break alot of thread because it doesn't fit in my large hand properly and no matter how I adjust it, My hand causes it to be too tight at times..


    I would like to try one of those basic ceramic bobbins that have the little plastic or rubber gripper on it.. Not sure what brand it is but I think its a cheapy too..


    There is nothing wrong with any of the CHEAP bobbins as long as they are ceramic tipped atleast..



    NOTE: I just looked at those C&F bobbins and they look pretty cool.. Maybe i'll pick one up. Are they available in shops or just online from the manufacturer?



  9. Hey Sawcat-- I'm not sure where his store is but I think i recall him saying he was near New Hamburg, Ontario..


    We have atleast 10 really good stores throughout southern ontario without going past Guelph at the furthest... It all depends on what you are looking for.. then there is one really nice fly shop in Furgus that has a HUGE amount of inventory but that is quite a drive even for me..



  10. Is this swap going to be re-started sometime soon?? It sounds like its been going on for sometime now..


    I would love to join in on the next Mystery Materials Swap if someone would be so Kind enough to let me know when they re-start it.. and that is If there is enough space for me to join..







  11. I have been doing this for years to make eyes for lead jig heads that have the recessed spot for the eye.. You can make any color combos you want then glue them in place and clear coat over top to guarentee their permanent placement..


    This is a great way to save money and make colorful eyes.




  12. It is an Amazing Fact that: I have do not recall ever wanting a Tattoo or being in a Tattoo Shop, but somehow have 3 tattoos!! :P



    ALSO--- Tattooing has been used as a way of smuggling secret messages across enemy lines in times of war.



    Next topic: Clowns



  13. In hind sight, I think that was a conversation to have in private..


    Just be sure that you are ready and able to provide what you are selling or promoting.


    also.. If you are just selling to friends and neighbors or people on the rivers and such.. Why do you want a Name and an email address specific to the business? Not that you can't do this. Just curious..

  14. Jannsnetcraft.com sells it in small and medium with colors gold or silver for .45cents per 3 feet. Not a bad price compared to fly shops.. Janns actually has an OK little selection of fly tying materials and when I did alot of lure making and was just getting into tying flies, I had ordered some items from them and the quality was decent. But maybe not what you would expect from a super reputable fly shop or private bird farm.




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