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  1. Thanks Mikechell as always. A big hug!!!!
  2. Thanks Fshrmanms. I glad you like!!!!
  3. Thanks FlyTyer15. Time is not important, how nice it is to see the final work. Hugs!!!!
  4. Thanks Bruce. How are you?? I send you a big hug!!!!
  5. Send a images of baby mantis. Hope you like!!!!
  6. Thanks Troutfisherman. I used silicone rods!!!! Hugs!!!!
  7. Thanks Sully TM. I use it for fishing, but sometimes you stand CDC wings to have more movement!!!! Hugs!!!!
  8. Thanks mnorton!!!! A big hug and happy new year!!!!
  9. Ha ha!!!! Thanks Sully TM. Hugs!!!!
  10. Thanks Mike as always!!!! A big hug!!!!
  11. Thanks Mike for the comment!!!! A hug!!!!
  12. This is a cricket. Hope they like!!!! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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