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  1. Byron,


    Thanks for the tip about www.artbeads.com I have been trying to find bulk packs. I ordered some 2.5 and 3.0, man those 2.5 are tiny and should work great on my lighter furled leaders. If they are as strong as you say, ( I have no reason to doubt it) this is a great tip and a great find. Thanks again!

  2. For coon tails and such, it works for deer tails too. Do a search for a trapper's tail stripper. Plastic and just a couple of dollars. If you split the skin far enough towards the tip of the tail this tool will strip the the tail bone and flesh out slick as a whistle. However to cure the tail skin with salt or whatever a small knife should be used to split the now hollow tail skin all the way to the tip end, then pack with salt, borax, or whatever. Leave no flesh or fat on the skin.

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