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  1. Thanks, and I figure these are pretty good all purpose feathers, but is there anything "special" I should be on the lookout for? I've never had a whole wing to work with and I'd hate to miss out on some part I'm not aware of.
  2. So I have two whole wings from a Tom, I get the part about using the mottled feathers but there are an awful lot of what seems like useful feathers on a wing. I am not sure in what capacity to use them though. Aside from the larger, mottled feathers the smaller ones are mostly brown/iridescent feathers. I figure if nothing else the quills will make good bodies. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.
  3. I tied this fly as one of many practice flies a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday the weather was nice enough, and I had time in my schedule, so I headed over to a small pond nearby to more or less practice casting. I started casting a bugger but the panfish kept hitting on my leader knot so I tied this Adams on and was getting a hit on nearly ever cast. First time with a barbless hook, and I lost two, hook related or not, I can't say. My landed/lost ratio was 10:1. Fish weren't big at all, but it's the little things in life that matter, right?
  4. I just recently started tying and took a keen interest in this thread. I had a powerful reading light on a floor stand with a goose neck laying around already. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on lights if I didn't have too. I went with the reading glasses for $14 and they've made a world of difference. My eyes need to adjust their focus when I take them off, but I am getting used to it. I was in electronics for 25 years and used helping hands and magnifying lamps, but I like the freedom and field of view with the glasses better. If I am reaching for a tool or material I don't have to swing my head or a light out of the way to see. In any case, the glasses worked for me.
  5. I just started tying, I have done some buggers that were so-so, I really didn't have good material at the time. I do now, but I haven't returned to them yet. I decided to learn parachuting and take a little creative liberties with the BWO. The left is a 16, the right is a 18. These are probably No.s 8 & 9 off the production line respectively. I think the clouser is a little thin, this was my first. I manged to swing Randal Kaufman's Nymph and Dry Flying books off Amazon for $30 shipped, so I am hoping to expand my knowledge with them. Great site, thanks for all the help thus far...
  6. I forgot to add, I'm in the Fredericksburg area...waiting for spring to arrive.
  7. Hi all, I retired last year and received a fly rod for a gift. First time out I connected with a small mouth and some panfish at a local pond and I was hooked after that. Now my spin and bait casts just collect dust. Recently started tying since I figured this had to be cheaper than replace the flies I was losing and really fell down a rabbit hole. My tying has a bit to be desired at this point but I am pretty much addicted so I am certain it will work out. I am headed to Canada this summer and Alaska next summer so I'd should figure things out sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance for all help, solicited or otherwise.
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