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  1. Olive midge. Olive wire, brown thread, gold bead, #18 hook.
  2. This is my first trout fly ever. Olive midge. #18 hook olive wire brown thread gold bead.
  3. Preach, wow thats a lot of fish. Went today for a few hrs at the weir and landed 5 fish. I grew up in Eliz but only fished it a few times. Sounds like a good idea. Would be a good learning experience.
  4. Hey Preach, Im just now learning, (tomorrow will just be my second trip). I work in Bristol so ive been going out by the weir and bought my fly rod from SHFS. I need to visit the EFO. I use to make bass jigs and going to give a shot at some trout flies.
  5. Thanks Mike. The truth about the 617. Over the years I have joined several forums and usually my name and initals were always taken. So I thought I would add numbers. I use to be a big follower of Nascar. Mark Martin was #6 and Matt Kensith was #17. 2 of my favorite drivers at that time.
  6. I am from Piney Flats. 10 mins from SOHO and 10 mins from watauga.
  7. I just started fly fishing this past week. My local fly shop set me up with a Reddington fly combo and some midge's. After fishing the SOHO a couple hours I finally found some fish. Lost 2 but landed a small rainbow. Let's just say I'm hooked. I use to make bass jigs and now I'm wanting to make my on trout flies. I'm going to start with the zebra midge. I've watched a few videos and seems simple but they are so small. I've got some supplies ordered. Excited about catching trout on my own flies.
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