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  1. A little late on a reply to this thread. Years back I had the same problem with some rooster necks. A shop on the area told me to use Glycerin. He said, take a small brush and apply the Glycerin to the backside of the neck. He said to let it soak in for a week and I was back in business.

  2. Years back on occasion I would find " Strung Saddle Hackles" at a shop in Milw. Wis.. That was a hit and miss deal as to finding the right size to fit your needs. I like Silver tie mostly 12-18 size flies. Does anyone know of a good source for the saddles we are talking about?   

  3. I've been tying for many years and I've always used just your standard Thompson type vise. At the present I'm using a Dyna-King. Been thinking about making a step up to a Rotary. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, but functional. With so many out there I thought it would be best to ask for opinions on what would be best. Basically tie wet flies, streamers and a few trout flies. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

                                                      Thanks, CSB  

  4. Started out pretty much like Xvigauge. I started back around 1962. First vise was homemade, a clothespin, 3/16's machine screw, couple of washers and a wing nut. Most materials came from Herter's Inc.. Picked up a kit from the local sporting goods store and that included a better vise. Tied mostly for myself and a few friends from the day one. It was almost all wet flies and streamers, fishing the local lakes for Panfish.

    Got hooked up with a local sporting goods store back in the early 90's. Did a lot of wet flies for him for the early Spring fishing. Made a name for myself in regards to wet flies. That store had been gone for a few years. I still get calls from guys that bought my flies thru him in the Spring, looking for Black Gnats.

  5. Its been a few years since I've been Fly Fishing and I can see things have changed. I picked up a new AirFlo Velocity WF6F which I plan on using fishing for Crappies and Bluegills. With my setup in the past I simply inset an Eyelet in the end of the line and attach the leader to it. Well its next to impossible to get the eyelet in the end of the fly Line. I see some of the new more expensive lines have a loop on the end where the leaded attaches. What options do I have for attaching the leader to the line?

    Thanks, CSB

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