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  1. Personally, I'm partial to the renzetti traveler for smaller 'trout' sized hooks and, for the larger pike and bass flies, I have to agree with Sean Juan, the Regal is an excellent and very servicable vice. Although not 'sexy' it is a sound design that works with less damaging 'cam pressure' than many collar types of vices which can alter a hooks structural integrity and make it weak at the bend. Good advice to take a large hook with you when you go shopping. Put the hook in and give 'er a good torque. Good luck.

  2. I have to agree with Mark on this one. I've been tying for about 27 years now, but I still have my fair share of trouble, and when I look at the flies others have tied, I have to say 'WOW, wish I could do that!' On the other hand, I can sit down and whip out a pretty decent irrisistable or humpy in no time flat. It's a good question, but a little subjective. Considering how humble the crowd is here, no one is likely to qualify themselves as a professional tyer, even though some, no doubt, are in fact just that. There's always more to learn, that's the beauty of it.


  3. Welcome aboard Andy, and greetings from freezing Ontario (Canada). Sounds like the real critic, the fish, thought your first fly was just fine. My first flies were tied with feathers from the slowest chickens and thread from my moms sewing kit. My vice was a surveyers pen with a C-clamp to hold it to my desk! Not very pretty, but worked well enough to fool a few creek chub and speckled trout with poor vision, and it got me hooked on this great past time. All the best, stay warm.

  4. It's remembrance day here in Canada today, but I can't help but to also be thankful for the actions of our dear and couragous friends to the south, who continue to protect all of our freedoms and aspirations with thier supreme scarifices. None of it goes un-noticed or unappreciated. To those who have been lost, or lost their own, thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you and all you fight for!

  5. About the first week in July I discovered that I was having some trouble tying. My left hand wasn't responding very well, and I was dropping stuff (more than usual). On the second week of july, while on a canoe trip with my son, I lost all the control of the whole left side of my body, from my feet to my mouth. I was diagnosed, a week later, with MS. It's been a hell of a trip back, folks, and I really miss fly fishing and tying. Today is my second day back at work- so things are looking up! In a little while I'll be able to try my hand at some basic wets and streamers and hopefully, by the winter, I'll be able to do some steelhead casting in some of our lovely Ontario tribs. My only reason for posting this is to warn any youngsters to pay attention to your body and take care of yourself. If something doesn't feel right, don't shrug and carry on, get to the doctor and get checked out. All the best people. smile.gif

  6. The dam has definitely been breached and is in jeopardy of now breaking up. The downstream portion may be in serious trouble as well as the holding area directly above the dam. I wonder how this is going to affect lower river hatches? It's not good folks, not good at all. Look like Nick and Pauly dog made it out of there just in time!

  7. Hey Nick, I seem to recall you were headed up there for some speckles and lakers? It sucks when you have guys backing out at the last minute, especially after you've booked holidays off! My brother had to cancel also, but he had a very good reason. It's just my teenage son and I this trip. I think next year we're going a LOT farther, possibly the missinaibi(sp?) river system in the farther north. If you have a hard time getting a solid group together then let me know, maybe we could work something out. Be forwarned, when it comes to canoe trips we can be pretty hard-core sometimes, but it's always fun and the fishing can be out of this world if you get far enough from the crowd. I'll talk to you soon Nick, maybe see you at the grand next friday.

  8. Hey Nick, email me with your campsite info and cell#, if you have it. I'm off for a week starting the 15th too! My son and I are headed up near algonquin for 5 days of laker action first, but the friday or so I could catch up with you for a days brown fishing on the grand, yes...I do believe it's just what the doctor ordered!

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