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Fly Tying

CDC Double Duck: Giant Orange Sedge

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Since the October Caddis inhabits the swiftest runs of large rivers, I wanted a pattern that would float very well, yet land softly, and sit right within the surface of the water. This combination of snowshoe hare's fur (body), the CDC underwing or 'bubble', and the CDC overwing all help to buoy the pattern. And unlike hackled caddis patterns, which tend to ride higher, this sedge imitation sits flush right in the water -- much as the real bug does. This fly is a meal.


The pattern is tied on a #6 DOHIKU dry fly hook. I use Orange Benecchi 12/0 thread. The 'bubble' is natural tan-dun CDC looped over a body of yellow-orange snowshoe hare's fur. The body dubbing is spun in a dubbing loop and wrapped. The 'bubble' is formed just like the CDC wingcase on a 'loop-wing' emerger. Since the fly is so large, some of the 'bubble' fibers of CDC will flank the body. The CDC overwing is the same as the underwing. The collar or 'veiling' is a brown Partridge back feather. The thorax is a blend of burnt orange squirrel guard hairs and orange hare's mask fur -- simply dubbed and picked out to suggest the legs.




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