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polar bear identification

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I am a nubbie here, and after doing my DD on google, I thought I'd ask for verification of samples of Polar bear fur before I make any stupid mistakes. I am liquidating the tools and stock that my dad and I used back in the early 60's. Have a local coming over from Craigslist's mid NY, in a day or two to see what I have in stock, but I have no commitments either side to buy or sell.


I have both deer body hair and bucktails for comparison, and a collection of swatches of Polar bear hair, both dyed and natural.

Dad only had those two sources available.

All the deer hair are fairly uniform and long (up to 4") and the hair stems go right to the skin. They are NOT translucent.

The natural polar bear is much softer and has "fuzz" or dander next to the skin unlike the deer....some but not all are very dark at the skin and the hairs are only 2 1/2" max and look translucent. The problem comes with the dyed pieces which are not necessarily translucent and the color of the skin is irrelevant on the darker colors. Show I go with the dander as the relevant ID?


If I am correct, dealers in US are getting about $6/ sqin for the polar bear, and I don't want to go on eBay with something that is questionable, since I have no way to qualify that the pieces were obtained prior to 1972. Doesn't keep me from posting on eCrater tho, although I'd rather do a local barter.


TIA for any comments/recommendations,

Stew Corman

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I have a bit of P. Bear, natural & dyed. Too bad I live so far away as I could tell you what's what.


If you are selling P. Bear, I suggest you keep it on the down low, unless you can document the provenance. It might be illegal

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