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  1. Thanks man :-) :-) No it´s one exposure with a long shutter speed and me moving slowly towards the camera :-) :-) Terje
  2. Thanks a lot for your kind comment, artimus001 :-) :-) Keep wondering :-) .....that is what makes a photo alive :-) Terje
  3. Mike and FlaFly: Thanks for finding the correct word for the thing out there :-) :-) :-) Terje
  4. Thanks a lot, my friend :-) The little thing floating out there is something you attach your boat to, but i´m not sure what the name for it is in english :-) Terje
  5. Thank a lot, Mike :-) :-) ..............i got lucky on this one :-) I might have been a bit sad even if it´s kind of tricky to see :-) :-) .......the season is over and within a few weeks the winter will arrive, and that is not my favourite time of year :-) :-) Take care Terje
  6. You´re too kind, Rolf :-) ....... but thanks a lot, man :-) :-) Terje
  7. Thanks a lot, Ed. I really appreciate your kind comment :-) :-) I guess i´m thinking about that soon the cold season is upon us :-) Terje
  8. Long exposure and me standig really still down by the lake :-) :-) Terje
  9. Well......I don´t dream about trout so if there is just two alternatives i guess i dream about the right woman....not any woman :-) :-) :-) Terje
  10. No i don´t :-) ...... i´m best at catching trout and bad when it comes to catch the woman of my dreams :-) :-) The search goes on, but if it´s not meant to be it´s not meant to be :-) :-) Thanks for the suppoert though :-) :-) Terje
  11. Thanks a lot :-) :-) It sure is a wonderful place to relax :-) Terje
  12. It was early august morning when i woke up and went outside after a really cold night. The sun had just rised over the treetops and was shining so that the wet flowers and the wet grass sparkeled in the sunlight. yeahhh.....it was a beautiful morning to wake up to by the riverside :-) Terje
  13. wow......if i had a wife.........that´s the kind of wife i would like to have :-) :-) Cheers Terje
  14. thanks a lot, man :-) :-) Hope she came back with som interesting gear from the camera shop :-) :-) Terje
  15. Thanks a lot, Tony :-) :-) I guess i was bored and had nothing else to do than play with my camera as i had this old thoughful man as a model :-) :-) :-) Take care, Tony :-) Terje
  16. Selfie - just a few days until the season ends......might be the reason why this dude looks kind of thoughtful :-) :-) ....but soon the hockey season begins, so there is much to look forward too :-) :-) Terje
  17. thanks a lot for your kind comment, Kentuckysteve :-) :-) Terje
  18. I´m still an amateur but thanks for the kind comment, Mike :-) :-) Terje
  19. You´re welcome, Steve :-) :-) I shot everything in manual mode :-) I like the challenge myself to have full manual control :-) Thanks for your kind comment :-) Terje
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