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  2. Finally had some calm winds and was able to get out on the Big O. I've been itching to go find some specks. Weather was beautiful and the company of my son and dad was even better. My son was kicking our but to start with. We brought home 23 that were over the 10in. minimum. Caught them on both jigs and minnows. It was a great half day.
  3. Good to see you haven't missed a step!
  4. Flytire, Always a thing of beauty and inspriring
  5. Yesterday
  6. I can't imagine any fish not wanting to swallow that fly.
  7. Yeah, I have one of the original CNC Bridgeports, a manual one and 3000 more sq, ft. of machines to have fun with.
  8. My non machinist mentality failed to take into account that an actual metal fabricator probably has an old Bridgeport out in the shop. Proof again that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Thank you for the explanation.
  9. Michigan Hook - Mustad 3399 or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Mallard Body - Stripped grizzly hackle stem Crown/wing case - Orange floss Thorax -Gray rabbit dubbing Legs - Brown hackle Fly-Tying - William Bayard Sturgis
  10. mosquitoes, gnats are you going to add black flies?😄 very nice box!
  11. Bucktails? a few for the estuaries when the white perch and salters start. Mustad 36680 white flat nylon silver holographic mylar body polar bear (1) white/green/peacock herl (2) white/blue (3) white/yellow/red - 3-d eye's with UV finish
  12. Well, I have enough Adams Drys and have started on some moose hair mosquitoes. I'm making them with fine synthetic dunn dubbing for a smoother body instead of musk rat underfur. They are pretty much the same as the Adams dries except for the barred hair body and the fine dubbing. I'll make 20 of them, in 14s and 16s. Next, maybe some gnats.
  13. I vividly remember his program at our fly tying club a few years ago and his warm interaction with the 40 or so members there. He and I had a great conversation about his leader to fly line connection and he sold me on the system. Like so many things from Dave...simple but effective approach to the sport. He will be missed!!
  14. Correct, it is a 1/4 rod cut down to a 3/16 threaded section of 10-32. Size ten wire size is .1935", 3/16 is .1875". it's only .006 off so I call it 3/16. Size 10 is more correct.
  15. Just for my non machinist clarification is it a 3/16 rod with a 10-32 thread? I read somewhere the threaded hole in the knob was 10-32 which would be cut on a 3/16 rod.
  16. Nice colors and rods what weight are they I expect a little heavier 8? never fished carp yet.
  17. Pair of rods for a carp angler all ready to go. Used colors that go along with the carp color tones and just flipped the main & trim on the one to match the other.
  18. Be sure to give us a report on the fishing qualities when you finally give it a go.
  19. X2- well said Captain, I never met Dave or Emily but I have a few of his/their books. Rest in peace Dave Whitlock thank you for sharing your passion.
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