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  2. I had a semi-clear squeeze bottle of UV resin stuff that sat in the sun from my window. It cured solid as a rock.
  3. Pheasant tail X caddis Hook - 12 Dry fly hook Thread - 12/0 Veevus olive Shuck - Antron sparkle dubbing Body - Pheasant tail fiber dyed purple Rib - Med gold tinsel twisted into a rope Thorax - Chartreuse ice dub
  4. Thanks guys...and I forgot to mention that fish was a bucket list fish for 2 reasons...finally one on a dry fly and it was my first over 20 pounds. I'd been close to that 20 pound mark a number times, but until this fish that goal had eluded me. đź‘Ť
  5. I started fishing for Atlantic Salmon in 1974, and it wasn't until Jul 3rd, 2010 that I finally took one on a dry fly. I guess because I rarely fished dries for them, that may have been a contributing factor. My guide on that morning suggested a dry after I already had taken and released a couple of 5 pound grilse. About a half hour later this fish took the fly. It was a Green Bomber size 4. The fish was 39.5" long and 21.5" around the girth. It came from Spring Rock Pool on the Dartmouth River. According to the Atlantic Salmon Federation's "Salmo Meter" the fish weighed about 22.5 pounds. If I do say so myself, not a bad first dry fly Atlantic Salmon...and like the others it was released unharmed.
  6. đź‘Ť I'll take it on this rainy day.
  7. Create Your Own Custom Whip Finish Tool For Big Fishing Flies 🎣 #flyfishing #fishing #diy You can purchase various size Whip Finish Tools for Fly Tying, or you can make custom size ones that work well with larger fishing flies! Here are the components I use; will post a demo, on how to make one. Do check back! https://youtu.be/BrXy0m-qez0
  8. Quick little end of spring sale on a couple rods. I have two new 6'6" 2wt 4pc rods I am offering at a sale price to clear them out before I shut down for the month of June for an annual fishing trip. I only have two of these so they are first come first serve. They will be done on Monday and ready to ship then. Both are almost identical to the one in the picture. Normally these are $155 but sale price is $110 each.
  9. Haven't posted rod pics for a couple weeks. Not because I haven't done any, but rather because I've been so busy with trying to get caught up on rod orders so I can start getting ready for my annual 2 week trip next month. So while I had some free time this morning I figured I would post a few pics of some of the latest builds from the past couple weeks.
  10. next challenge fly will be....."Light Cahill Wet Fly"
  11. Iron Lotus Lance Egan Hook - Jig style Bead - Brass or tungsten Weight - Lead free wire Thread - Your choice of color Tail - Coq de Leon fibers Ribbing - White thread Body - Tying thread Wing case - Black thin skin or black tinsel Thorax - Ice dubbing Collar - Hot orange thread
  12. Hoptimus Prime - Jr. Hook: Fulling Mill 5025 or Firehole 609 - size 10 Thread: Waxed Thread - 8/0 - Tan Body: Chicone's Fettuccine Foam - 1 pc Orange and 2 pcs Tan Wing: Poly Yarn - Tan/White/Red Legs: Sillilegs, Nymph - Pumpkin Seed Dubbing: Dry Dub Hares Ear Blend- Tan Overwing: Bug Foam 1MM - Grey Glue: Loctite Gel Control Super Glue
  13. Yesterday
  14. Have them ready,please pm me address. thanks TT
  15. I have to ask...why the regular focus issues in your photos?
  16. Two flies from foam bodies I was given, rubber legs tied in a front with thread down shank.
  17. You all are killing it. Beautiful work everyone.
  18. to keep this challenge thread moving along i'll do the iron lotus
  19. I'm in also if it's not too late. I thought I had joined before the site went down, my post must have been lost in the crash.
  20. Just in case we loose this forum here is my address J McKaughan PO Box 85 Pottsville,AR 72858
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