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  2. being in the carpet cleaning business, there would be no business if it wasnt for pets!. congrats on your new family member
  3. wow thats a shocker. prayers for a full recovery. grandson and i will fish tomorrow with some of the bear hair you sent him.
  4. Maybe this will keep him from climbing on everything else?
  5. Gray soft hackle GCO Wet fly hook #12 Abdomen: Danville gray thread Tag and Rib :Silver Oval French Uni tinsel Thorax: Muskrat dubbing Hackle: Gray hen neck
  6. Parachute hopper Hook - TMC 200R curved shank size 14 Rib - brown Kevlar thread Post - white poly yarn Body - green drake beaver dubbing Wing- mottled turkey quill, lacquered Legs - knotted pheasant tail dyed olive Thorax - lt olive ice dub Hackle - Grizzly
  7. Very nice. Itโ€™s been 20 years since I trout fished in a stream. Makes me really, really want to go again.
  8. Burning the sage worked. Hereโ€™s to a great couple days of R and R followed by a triumphant return to Fairbanks.
  9. Great to see ya post bud. Rest up and feel better soon ๐Ÿ‘
  10. Yesterday
  11. Get well soon, Mark !!!
  12. I'm still in Anchorage, hopefully, by the end of this week, I'll be home and online. Mark
  13. Those fish pictures almost make me want to move North. Almost.
  14. My flies went out today, should see them Thursday. These ae the first flies I've tied since rotator cuff surgery in Dec... I was a little sore so took a couple sessions... new stretching seemed to help.
  15. @flytire @skeet3t @Poopdeck Thanks for much for taking the time writing out a response! I grouped you 3 since they're all under the same consensus. I hope that Tight Flies can provide features for you beyond tracking your tying gear as we plan to go beyond that. Our goal it to provide a modern application for tiers, inspired by Eli Robillard's The SuperFly Fishing Machine, that can simply improve your experience. If the current features don't do that for you, that's totally fine! We look forward to building features that reach groups who aren't interested in material tracking. Again thanks for the feedback!
  16. Mine went out today, priority mail. I used the "inside of a Woodcock's wing". The #1 hook referred to is the same as a modern size 14. I've never been sure why the two colors of silk. I usually use only green, but went with the "as specified" for these swap flies. Tracking number available if needed.
  17. Be forewarned...Feather Emporium has a rather bad rep when it comes to delivery. You won't find many if any good reviews on this site or others.
  18. Itโ€™s a muskrat love kinda day here in Massachusetts so Iโ€™m going to try one of those Casual Dresses Chugbug .
  19. Gene L


    If I leave the top off, it collects stuff you don't want to collect. I don't have a problem removing the cap, but it takes two hands. Previously, I had some other brand of wax, and I nailed the cap upside down to the bench. One hand operation. But my OTHER desk doesn't allow nailing anything down. Which is why I use Velcro. I thought about using a rare earth magnet , which would probably do great, but the magnetic field attracts hooks.
  20. ๐Ÿ˜„ Well played Mad Duck!
  21. I took your collective advice and shopped the Whiting 100 Paks. As I did that on Feather emporium, I found "Cape Tops" for $4 to $6 each that look just right. So I bought 9 for $45, in a wide range of colors etc. This will give me a range to play/learn with on the cheap. Then as I home in I can invest in full or half capes when I have greater confidence in selections. Sandan: Yes, our PMD's are pinkish and with a Darkish ginger hackle is one of my favorite patterns.
  22. Exactly what I use for wet wading -- works great; highly recommend.
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