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  2. I love the camo work on that. No one will ever know you're carrying it ... as long as you're in a jewelry store. On the other hand, if you ever decide to rob a jewelry store, they won't believe you when you say, "Everybody down! I have a gun!" Too pretty to be a weapon.
  3. More Thief variations with rams wool heads
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  5. Alexandra Variation Tail - Yellow duck or goose quill Ribbing - Gold wire Body - Silver tinsel Hackle - Black Wing - Peacock sword Cheeks - Yellow duck or goose quill From an internet video
  6. Thank you. Wife and I already have our cremation and burial arrangements set and paid for. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, refuses to discuss funeral arrangements. She's not preparing, which means Wife is going to have to do all of that while mourning the loss. You're preparing. I truly hope it's not necessary. You'll still be here, moaning and complaining, 10 years from now.
  7. Wife and I have been to all 50 States and I've been to 18 Countries. I've fished in most of those places (not all, some were just travel) The one place that will always be in my mind is Sheldon Lake ... east of Houston. I caught 40 bass on a Saturday and another 30 on a Sunday. Most of them were over 3 pounds with a few close to 8. Best weekend I've ever had on the water. Every time I've hit that lake, I've been able to catch enough good sized bass to give me a sore thumb from lipping. As with statements above, I don't travel to fish ... but I do fish on my travels. It's all about the fishing, and I don't remember ever being disappointed by the water I've been on. I might not have caught anything, but it's always worth going out and trying. Oh ... I was disappointed while in Monrovia, Liberia. So much trash in the ocean there that you couldn't see anything else. Floating trash when the wind blew it in, trash all over the bottom when the wind was blowing out. Definitely NOT a bucket list destination for anyone.
  8. Let me add myself to the boring unimaginative side of this conversation. I can’t say my favorite spot because it is in the heart of a major metropolis 20 minutes from my back door. There is endless traffic buzzing by, freight trains, commuter trains, smoke stacks, smog, sirens, occasional gunshots and homeless drug addicts sleeping in vehicles at the put in. I’m really not sure why it’s not a destination for others because from a fishing standpoint it can be magical. While I do a fair bit of travel, I have no real yearnings to fish somebody else’s special spot especially when I consider it inferior to what I have in my own backyard. When I retire to my RV I will surely have a rod or two with me but I won’t be traveling for the fishing, I’ll be traveling for the travel. Except when I go to Alaska, I really want to fish Alaska and catch a halibut.
  9. I could tie some nice flies with that outfit. Have fun.
  10. Actually I should qualify what I said, I would really love to spend a week or two on those Pennsylvania limestone creeks, as well as some little Appalachian mountain streams.
  11. That's the beauty of fly fishing: even with a little bit of the skunk, the scenery and company makes it a success.
  12. Welcome to the site. Nice little stash you're father-in-law had there. Good choice on the vice too, you'll love it. Don't hesitate to post more photos of any material you have questions about. As far as a tying station, my suggestion would be to find an empty surface and spend some time on the vise first, so you'll have a better feel for what you want actually want/need in your tying area. Then go from there. Have fun! It's a great hobby.
  13. Sorry to hear this Nick. Sure hope things turn around for you.
  14. you could be in the netflix show "the witcher"
  15. It has been a nasty month for me. Two more trips to ER and another couple nights in hospital. Got shots in my belly for clots and blood thinner and scans and ultrasound and think I had a clot in my lungs. After a lot of various things going one I ended home again but it now looks like I'm hooked to the hose just about all the time. Can't keep my Blood Oxygen count up in the magic 90s your body needs for best function. That and fatigue is with me almost all the time if I do anything besides watching TV. I'm going to go back to trying to take short walks since they were really making me feel better before all this started and also helped keep swelling in lower legs down. Right now I'm sort of a hermit since about the time I leave the house is to go to doctor or ER and need to get out more. Did do a couple of family dinners last week and happy to see the great family of my wife's that live in town with us. It is is the number of relatives, two sisters and multiple offshoots from them that brought us to OK and when I came down here I fished at least a couple of times a week, rode motorcycles with several family and friends, and really enjoyed life here in retirement. Now I'm just kind of hanging on and it's better than the alternative. I have decided to sell or give away years of excess accumulation of fishing gear and hunting gear of all kinds since realistically I don't want to stick the wife and kids with this if one of my trips to ER doesn't involve a return home, and no I'm not a fatalist but am a realist.
  16. Here's a tying manual from the time your father in law was a boy https://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc1.$b68572 Probably better off learning from more modern sources today, but the 1949 manual is surprisingly current and in time you might find it useful when you get more familiar with the stuff in that kit.
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  18. Thanks for the kind words and the circled items @chugbug27 Like I said I'm not sure what most of it is other than chenille, chicken feathers, the squirrel and elk hair. I'm looking forward to tying. Cheers /Clayton
  19. Welcome. Except for a pair of scissors and a bobbin, It looks like you’re ready to go. 15 more bucks worth of tools and you’re ready to start. Its not a difficult process to tie trout flies so jump right in.
  20. The important thing is your still getting out with the wife and enjoying yourselves. Nice trip.
  21. Welcome to the site. You can get an abundance of great information from members. As Chug said your materials give you an excellent starting point. Hopefully you can find a local fly shop that has some open tying nights. You can also find out what specific patterns work in your area for the fish you want and focus on those.
  22. Looks great Steve. You can be in my raiding party anytime. Have a lot of fun! Tom
  23. Welcome to the forum. You've got yourself a really nice fly tying kit box there. Well designed and lots of goodies that will still hunt. I personally can't say anything helpful re tying stations I'm afraid, but welcome regardless and ask away. Some fun tidbits re the pics you posted... (Not an exhaustive list Red - your father in law bought wood duck flank at 29 cents! They've gone up Purple - is that jungle cock? Green - is that polar bear or just good looking calf tail? These hooks are made in England, probably good quality and maybe special depending The old mustad 94840's are nice hooks (I think), and the spools there are Pearsall's Stout, a nice and hard to find silk for old style flies Anyway, just enjoyed looking, have fun with it!
  24. Gathering the horde and raiding the Ohio Ren Fest tomorrow 🤣 Never have been to one but always wanted to go. Have a couple friends that have been going for over 20 yrs so decided to join them this year. Made a lot of my outfit myself. I actually sewed for the first time in probably 30 years.
  25. We all have days like that, but sometimes just being out there is worth the effort 👍
  26. Hey there. New to fly tying. I've had my father in law's fly tying box for several years now and dusted it off the other day. I think the box is from the 60s/70s era. I can barely identify the feathers, etc. Lots of Mustad hooks, some elk, squirrel, other exotics. Been a YouTube junkie watching fly tying last couple of weeks. Looking to tie for Trout and Steelhead eventually. Bought a Traveller 2000. Still need to get the other basics. Looking for ideas on DIY fly tying stations...
  27. My wife and I floated a section of a NW Wisconsin river with Erik Huber for Muskies on Tuesday. We have fished with him for about 15 years. Usually we have rain and ice coming off the brims of our hats. Not this time, beautiful weather. Flies were all original ties. We saw Muskies, but they rejected us faster than girls at a junior high school dance. I caught one smallie, that had not migrated downstream yet. It was an 11” fish on a 9” fly. A long day of 5 hours of driving and 8 hours of fishing. For an old timer my body held up well throwing my 10 and 12 weight rods. Tom
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