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  2. Roughly how long are the feathers on the skilto saddles? I've been looking to buy some feathers for streamers and bass/pike flies. I'm hoping to be able to get webby feathers for palmering wooly buggers/streamers and some smaller feathers for wings/sides/lateral lines on streamers. Is it possible to find a decent amount of both feather types on a single cape? The options seem endless from the different suppliers, deceiver/bugger packs, rooster capes, coq de leon, etc. Any suggestions are much appreciated. I wasn't able to see any of the fly tying supplies on Root River's website, is there a difference place where you can see pictures of their feathers? I like the idea of being able to spend my money at the smaller operations.
  3. Hen and Purple (AKA "Snipe" and Purple).
  4. No, I like work too. I can't say I'd rather work than fish though. I think there will come a time I can't fish any more, maybe then I'll catch up on some of my work.
  5. Did some mini spins....
  6. Wow, was not aware of that site. Thank you.
  7. Interesting conversation. I have to throw my opinion in with Silvercreek. In fact, negative conditioning is what led my to fly fishing. As a kid, I fished a small pond regularly. My favorite weapon was a motor oil worm fished near the surface in the classic lift and settle pattern. This was devastating on the local largemouth bass population. It didn't take many evolutions of catch and release before the local residents would rise on the worm, look it over and then sink back into the murk. Change the color and BAM! Fish on. Then the same pattern of rise and fall and no work would work. I could see the fish refusing to take what not long before had been irresistible. I bought a Pflueger #5 fiberglass noodle and Medalist set up and started fly fishing to give those local bass something different to look at. Clearly, such a small sample size does not a statistical universe make but when combined with all the other experiments and evidence, it seems very convincing. Not knowing what a fish can or cannot see is a solipsist argument. Mental masturbation at best. We do know that certain stimuli will cause fish to strike. They certainly appear to learn with experience. Reasoning is not required on the piscine part. If you overcome the stimulus threshold, you will get a strike, otherwise a spoon would never work.. If you can't figure out the stimulus threshold, you go home with clean hands. Full disclosure: I fish exclusively saltwater now. Too many fish available for them to learn much about lures and patterns, I think. Not like the limited population of a small pond. I have found that presentation is more important than pattern. Size is more important than color. Sometimes not of that matters. Sometimes, only the most exact imitation and presentation will do and sometimes I catch fish despite myself.
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  9. Cool or cold weather- hunting. Warm or hot weather- fishing. Many people like work. I did have a couple of jobs that were good but, overall, but when I retired due to health reasons, I never looked back. I do have some interests besides hunting and fishing- wood turning, reading history either fiction or real, reading whatever interests me while at the library, photography and writing, and have nine grandkids, one of whom plays AAA baseball. Edit- Forgot the wife of almost 49 years. Gonna catch it now!
  10. Well I like work, working and fishing. I'm fortunate that when I am working I don't ever have a thought that I should be out fishing. Well not often anyway. at 48 degrees i would rather be at work looking out the window. Watching videos of people fishing generally bore me as well. I wish I didn't think this way but I do. I'm not so sure I could replace work with fishing which is probably why I still work and still enjoy going to work every morning and fishing once or twice a week. Surely I can't be the only one who likes work, can I? Maybe I need help.
  11. Relaxing video. Thanks
  12. I'm glad I retired in 2009.
  13. That is the order of events! First material applied to last!
  14. Why I Keep a Simpler Foam Fly in the Fly Box... Catches Fish! Here is the full video from the earlier post! Started the trip intending to test another simple fly pattern. But, was stopped short when I lost the fly after hooking a fish. No worries, had the Simpler Foam Fly in the fly box. Tied it on the 4wt combo and caught and released a few Bluegill and Bass! Will try another test after I get another one tied... stay tuned!
  15. ..........And Perch
  16. I guess I'm going to have to tie up a couple pink soft hackles for the Poconos next week and see if they'll catch a few crappie for the frying pan.
  17. Found a leftover hook with blade attached. Added lil body. Maybe castable and run just under the surface; pause after long strips....And convert a Gurgler into a rat...
  18. Thats the best attitude and I'm sure you will.
  19. Whatever I can catch with it is what I am gunning for!
  20. Are you gunning for SMB? That is one hairy Bugger like I've seen them tie for Pike and Smallies in NE PA. nice.
  21. Grey-Black Woolly Bugger @Baron Nice series of March Browns!
  22. That was wonderful. Thanks. I say to h*ll with that work ethic. I'm leaving on a ten day trip tomorrow, one of eight this summer. Not trying to brag. (maybe just a little) My wife and I worked really hard to build up our business, now it's time to reap the rewards. I Just got my free, forever, hunting, fishing, and trapping license and I'm going to wear it out before I die. My wife is going to feel like a widow and I don't even feel guilty about it. (Well, maybe just a little.)
  23. On several occasions I've had dragon flys grab a a light brown colored soft hackle while it dangled off the end of my rod and try to carry it away. My Theory: Bugs eat other bugs. Flys look like bugs and probably smell or taste like food because of the natural materials they are made with. You look like food, you smell like food, you're coming with me-
  24. I have tied very very poor versions I call PMD and yet they fish well enough. below is one I tied for crappie. I fish it like a streamer in calm water and it is pretty effective.
  25. YouTube Shorts video catching a Bass while fishing a Simpler Foam Fly in the weeds with the 4 wt fly rod! Will get full video posted later...
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