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  1. Ray...590 corks..Wow, I'm sure they will go fast!!! B/c this popper stuff is really addicting. Hope you have as much fun as I do making them..
  2. Ok. I tied up 12 of these flies tonight..Can I use them for this swap?
  3. Denduke...Nice looking warm water box you got.. I just love poppers & bass bugs..
  4. flytire...What a great fly collection you have....I love your stones...How do you do with them??? I don't fish them that often...
  5. ...I just signed up for about 4 of them this week. Sorry cant do it..
  6. Take#3... I went for the rounded look.. Not the zoom fluke look. LOL!!!
  7. Kirk, That is one great pictorial tutorial on making one...Now I have a better understanding on making them. Also, I tested mine out today...Good and bad news..They float on their side, but the pickerel didn't mind it at all.
  8. Fishyboy..thanks for posting..I like your boxes..Those are great looking scuds you got...
  9. Perchjerker...Thanks for the tips...I was wondering what was the best way to cut a proper head...
  10. My Ill attempt at tying a crease fly..have a good laugh on me..
  11. Along with Skip's book (great one), Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying is another go-to on my desk. John Hmmmm..I don't have Charlie Craven's book..I'll look for it..Thanks... Steve..
  12. Come on please..Don't be embarrassed to show yours...That's fly boxes I'm talking about LOL! Ok, I'll post a ugly fly box, if that will help?
  13. Thanks for posting that video.. I found it very helpful in tying this fly...Neat airbrush he's got..
  14. I cant wait, I'm going to tie some up today...Thanks for the pic...
  15. I have that book by Dave Hughes.. It's a great book..I like it b/c it shows you how to tie dry flies,nymphs,wet flies and streamers and not just the pattern recipes...
  16. Yahooo...is this the fly you tied for the swap??? Looks great....I want to fish it...
  17. I noticed allot of people r tying up poppers now, but what about crease flies??? Do they work for large mouth bass??? They look easy to make... Sample of one...I didn't tie this guy...
  18. For some strange reason I love looking at other peoples fly boxes..I'll post some of mine, but hope to see others..
  19. Thanks for the tip...I will try it next time..Just got Skip Morris "Fly Tying Made Clear And Simple" tonight.. Hope that helps me out... Anybody else know of any other good books?
  20. Here is two of my Elk hair caddis... The good and bad.. Still like to get better at them...Only tyed about a dozen of them so far... I guess they will work on the trout???
  21. Theses are my first attempts at tying dry flies. I'm still new at tying..What can I do to make them better? Do you think they will catch trout???
  22. Dart...That is one slick popper... You did an awesome detail job on that one..
  23. I like it!! But i think I would of used a bigger hook...Bet it would work on some LMB near some structure ...
  24. Here is a link to a place that sells them mail order.... http://www.jannsnetcraft.com/bug-popper-bodies/665105.aspx
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