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  1. 1st thing this morning I start reading about people getting there flies. after waiting till 7 to get off work I hit the PO and YES THERE HERE get home, get busy with the chores and finaly open the package..... AND..... I am heartbroken Its going to be saturday before i can start tossing these.... Till then I will drool and dream and hope no one warns the fish I'm coming. Great work folks..Thanks to all Darrin
  2. Mine arrived today, thanks for the great collection of ties.... Darrin
  3. I'll grab the #4 on a long shank....streamer or clouser I'm thinking. Darrin
  4. The only fly I used those 2 days was #16 Black Stonefly dry... Darrin
  5. Oh man I hate to hear about this. make me wonder where they draw the line. One fly with part of an eagle can send you to prison. Darrin
  6. Got the chance to fish a small creek on my brother in laws hunting camp in the southnern Adirondacks of NY. A creek so small and dry its named UT on the map. Water was cool and gin clear with tiny drop pools Covered about a mile the first day with at least 2 dozen to hand. And he said there was no fish in there. The second day I brought my 6 year old niece....would have been better to have had a Clysdayle...but she got an intro to fly fishing, caught her 1st fish and I'm now on her dads shit list....LOL
  7. I AM SO SORRY I did not mean troutguy....troutbum ....thats what I get for driving 14 hours 6 hours of sleep and posting before coffee. It seems I cant edit it. Darrin
  8. well well well....another swap gone bad....but WHY? NJ stepped up to host the swap for a new guy..... he posts the rules and date. at a few days past due he stated that he had only 8 out of the 13. and then Atroutbum2 gets what he asked for....NJ may have acted childish...but honest....I got back mine plus the extra stuff for him...I guess Troutbum aint the only one that "dont need this shit". I'm not happy about it but I'm only out one beer. But I would like a reply from NJ. Darrin
  9. Flies are on there way to WV, I'm on my way to NY.....a week and a half with the inlaws.... Bringing the 5' 3wt.....lines to small to hang with and the rod to light to beat anything to bad.... Darrin
  10. Can I get an address, should be done tomarrow night...and want to get them sent before we head north for a week on friday. Darrin
  11. I have had an interest in trying for carp....never caught one before, and the idea of one OTF! I need to tie for another swap, only commit to one at a time,and if theres still a spot open I'll give it a try. Darrin
  12. In the hands of the PO.. Darrin
  13. WOW...Nice find We have one that has become a catch all in our mud room. Its desten for my "Man Cave".....Once the son and his wife get there house done and move out, and I then redo that room to her Woman Cave, and then get the....... hell I guess I'll be tying from the lap bench forever..... Darrin
  14. Smalliehunter-Steeldrifter-OSD-CapeBsalar I for one want to thank you for the work that you do, and having the joy of being a moderator of several smaller groups over the past 12 years I know what it takes. one thing I see happening here is confusing termanology...."DROP OUT" is causing some poeple to become offended because they have dropped out of a swap. AKA something happened, in my case my son became ill and was looking at testing and surgery at a medical center 5 hours away, they contacted the SM and let them know, the slot was opened up and another swapper got the chance to fill in. thats fine and should not be a problem at all.In my case the 2 swaps I "Dropped" had others drop, notified the SM, and I was able to step in and tie anyway. with that said I want to make the motion that the term "DEADBEAT SWAPPER" be used.... Darrin
  15. Justin of NC.....I was ready to offer my repo services....but then I see it was changed to CT. its a shame that someone can get on a board and in a short amount of time get to the point of hosting some kind of swap trade or what ever and just walk away with it all. it happens everywhere, from a hometown group to the internet. the ones that PLAN on doing it, are flat out criminals...sure its just a few dollars and time....but I also reload so I can offer them another quarter!
  16. LMAO....I'm not sure how he knows....but when I head to the pen with a cup of corn and need feathers its like he can read my mind....the rest of the time he will eat out of my hand.... Darrin
  17. Man I was afraid you would say that I tied an oranged bodied with an iridecant blue hackle(from my own bird) that the bluegills around here cant pass on. I have lost my last one and need to tie more.... would that be ok? Darrin
  18. Just found this and hope I'm not to late....but enjoy the story anyway. My first intro to a Musky was at the age of 15 in a 10' john boat with the oldman from next door in NY on the Mowhawk river. Trolling along he hooked one and after a 30 minute battle he pulled this monster with a mouthfull of teeth that was almost hhalf as long as the boat(well it looked that big). I swear it looked at me and licked its chopps....I, using words not suited for a 15 year old, jumped from the boat and swam the 30' to shore, Dave laughed at me till the day he passed on.... the past 25 years I have fished the lake that the NC state record has come from several time,and the river below it.I have caught a few over the years, and with picking up the fly rod again I now am trying to hook one on a long rod. I have a couple flies I have tied and tried without sucsess...so far but not giving up. Darrin
  19. Like Mybadhabit said "on a regular basis". when you sign up its your responsability to follow through with your commitment. If something comes up, as it did for me several months back, then its again your responsability to contact the SM as soon as possible so that they can find a replacement tyer if possible. When you see the same name time and time again being late or dropping out, then yes they should be placed on a list....Its funny that the 2 swaps I dropped from I ended up tying for anyway because others dropped out, and one of those the SM (Gaddy from Ontario) got sucked up by aliens or something.I have a few names on my list that I will avoid if possible. As a SM you have to pass the infomation along to the moderators about any bad swapers...Ive seen a couple swaps that they got involved, but also noticed there was no update to the list. I posted awhile back about making a stand-by list of folks that would be interested in jumping in last minute to fill in a dropped spot. Be honest how long does it take to rip out a dozen flies? Darrin Thanks for the Read Flytyer....Should be pinned on the top
  20. I have been watching and waiting hoping someone would take the last spot. I'm new to softhackles only 2 dozen or so,I did one swap with SH and no lynch mob came after me. I need someone to save me from myself... I'll take the last spot if you want to update the page again... Darrin
  21. Add mine to the done list, just need the addy. Darrin
  22. Please dont tempt me with this I grew up fishing the Esoupus in Big Indian NY. First Trout OTF was over the mountain in the headwaters of the East Branch of the Delaware and stomped the headwaters of the Neversink a few times. Havent seen those waters in 15 years or so. But we will be heading to the Albany area on the 22 for a week, have 2 weeks of visiting to do while there Darrin
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