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  1. The caddis are on there way... Darrin
  2. I know the moderators tried to make contact and got no reply. there is a list of banned swappers but not updated since may of last year. I thank the moderators for the work they do but understand that things can happen. Darrin
  3. I missed out on the first one, and glad I did....got the same results(AKA Shaft) from a Gaddy in the Beadhead swap. If you need me to fill a spot I will add a red azz ant to the mix. Darrin
  4. I'll jump in if you'll have me....thinking about a sharks caddis. Darrin
  5. WOW! cant wait to take this box down to the river....monday I hope. Thanks to all for some great ties, and to the Yiman for hosting Darrin
  6. I can understand how life can take an unplanned turn YiMan you can keep my extras.... Darrin
  7. Man I would love to..... Never mind
  8. I have a 5' 3wt for tight brookie streams that is a blast in the yak for river gills. we caught about 40 in a few hours yesterday. Darrin
  9. I will agree with you have something not tight enough, and Sally's is the bomb. I would suggest you take that Bugger, put it in a vise, and carefully cut it apart and see if its the lead that slipped back taking everything else with it. Darrin
  10. spent 4 hours yesterday floating for smallies with no luck on them...they were generating power so the water was up...but 2 nice larges and dozens of bluegills... boats and flyrods are still in the truck awaiting a repacked cooler. Darrin
  11. I cant wait either.....thats why the yaks are in the truck, cooler is packed and waiting on my lazy buddy to get his A$$ moving.... Darrin
  12. 12 Brown Mouse Gurglers headed out Saturday Hope y'all like them Darrin
  13. I'm in and there on the way from the Moutains of NC Darrin
  14. Well they say good things come to those that wait....and worth the wait it is.....a few will see action monday.... Darrin
  15. Look good from here.....White Marabou streamer worked well for me tuesday....several nice SM and a ton of brim. I have got to get busy on mine....life jumped into overdrive and havent had an extra minute.... Darrin
  16. Got a package of some great flies today....thanks to all.... Darrin
  17. Nor Have I....or any word for that matter. Darrin
  18. Both are looking good....cant wait to see this collection when its done. Timing belt in Mamas car is top priority today, 1/2 way done...aleast until a friend gets here then it off to test my new fly rod.... Darrin
  19. Thank you sir...Do I owe you any more for the increased shipping? Darrin
  20. sent you a PM add 2 more weeks and now 2 sets are someplace other than here.... Darrin
  21. Be carefull what you ask for.....I work that 3-4 days a week and have a week off every month....that works out to 2 48 hour weeks and one 72 hour week....more hours than a straight 40 hour week....half the weekends of the past 20 years at work... but then again.....lots of times you get the water to yourself mid week.... hope to get back to the bench next week.... Darrin
  22. I'm in under the top water with an Inverted Gurgler.... Darrin
  23. Would you like another inverted Gurgler? Darrin
  24. Am wondering the same questions myself. I have recieved flies on 7 of 9 closed swaps since Jan. I am greatful for the awesome flies I have recieved, But not sure if I want to join in any more. Darrin
  25. Mine havent made it to NC yet....Its now pushing 3 weeks since sent from NV....lost all hope of seeing them, but you never know. Darrin
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