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  1. Ive tried and tried to make mono shrimp eyes and just haven't found a technique I liked. It would save me a money too!!

    Good posts here from PJ and Capt Bob. I should make a go at making eyes on some of my flies. I like the added step actually and "artists" touch.

  2. Thanks PJ! They are called Crabby Pattys. A fly that mostly is glued together! Ive been working on the house a lot which left me little fishing time, ie less time at the vise. But Im back at it with a Tarpon trip (or lack thereof tarpon trip) coming in April. Trying to gear up for that. Morals charges were dropped because of Baaaaaaddd witnesses. See what I did there?

  3. Hey Ben....I am sorry I missed the Traverse Bay statement. ...Always listen to the guide. hehehe.....Look up Joe Montana on carp. I think you will find that he fishes there also and I think he used some kind of fly that simulates gobies. One of the carps major food sources up there. If the weather is good you should have a great trip. How about a trip report? Have fun


    Thanks Ditz! I will do that. I leave Friday for Traverse Bay. Cant wait. Will definitely report back

  4. Finally sat down at the vise over the weekend. Its been a few weeks. Just too nice out and too many projects going on. In any case here is a bunch of carp flies.. all patterns I found online. I forget most of the names but they all looked pretty good. I changed some things based on material I had. Going to be fishing the flats in Traverse bay in a couple weeks so I am gearing up.


















  5. that whole argument was personal opinion only.

    in Michigan there are no laws against fishing beds, keeping fish or even using real eggs unless you are in designated areas.

    people should fish the way they feel comfortable & not force others to do as they do.

    as fly fisherman we should all learn from & help others to get better in our chosen sport.

    as long as you buy a license & follow the laws you should not be attacked by other legal fisherman.

    we have enough groups against fishing & hunting we don't need to attack each other.

    a guy asked for help catching fish not for an argument about ethics.

    im sorry for adding my 2cents if it conflicts with either of you


    I live in Michigan..as do lots of people on this forum. There may not be laws against fishing ON beds but it doesn't mean its the right thing to do.


    Michigan salmon season disgusts me. There are more weekend warriors snagging fish and trashing the river then I even care to think about. Not saying thats what you do by any means by it still doesnt help us anyway. I saw a picture recently of a fish on the banks of the Manistee or PM gutted for its eggs. Someone caught it..gutted it for its eggs, and left it there. That is no sportsman and really turns me off personally to even get involved with that chaos on the banks up there. So Im with steeldrifter and avoid it. To each their own, ya know.


    The name of the game is conservation. Everyone should be smart and stay within their legal boundaries as I sure most people fly fishing do.

  6. Post this is the classic forum and they will chime in.


    It has nothing to do with not being able to get metal tinsel right now. Lagurtun and Uni make metal tinsel.


    I believe it is more the classic tyers wanting to tie with the actual classic materials.

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