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  1. Dude its just a test, back down now and the slopes just vertical into deep water. She wants a princess wedding, burst in during the night, tie her up and stow her away in a tall tower. She can't complain, all fairytale princesses go that way.

    i have to admit thats a great idea lol, but i have to say she is a great woman, loves to fish, does half her share, have to marry this one lol, shes to good to me :)

  2. Murrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy whats up pal, lets put it this way, thank god i still have time to fish! I love my girl to death, but i thought i was bad with my fishing stuff................if you take anything away from a womans wedding you will die! lol its been a great and fun process but she wanted a princess wedding so she shall receive a princess wedding lol

  3. Whats going on pal? Yup im back :) Started a new job too, had to get use to it, i know work late afternoons to early mornings, so its a change i had to deal with but i like it now and the money is finally good :) now i need to find long rooster saddles!!!!!!!! How are you doing?

  4. Does anyone know a good source for flatwing type saddles? Possibly the original whiting flatwing saddles or Kenny Abrames RLS saddles? I know both of these saddles are not made any longer but i thought i would ask. I am getting into tying flatwing flies for my saltwater fly fishing.



    Thanks in advance


  5. Hey everyone - hope all is well!



    Been very busy with work and fishing! Have to make that money though!


    I hope everyone is doing well! Below are some pics of my new fly patterns and a pic of a 23lb bass I caught with a 8wt rod. The pic was featured in the june edition of Noreast Magazine, under "trophy section". I am not sure how the picture got into the magazine but thank you to whoever sent it in! Fishing has been excellent near me (eastern tip of long island)! Loaded with sandeels and shrimp at the moment. Mateing on the boats has been great as well! Bass fishing and Fluke fishing are at its best. Biggest fish so far this year, is 46lbs. Hopefully with this weather pattern (warm days and cool nights) the bass fishing will stay great. Ive also seen some guys doing well on the Weakfish! Havent seen them around in ages.


    Thanks for checking out my pics! If anyone is on facebook, please check me out by searching "Joseph Sawicki".


    Thanks guys! I will be checking back to this site as much as I can. I love this site and everyone who is invovled in it!


    Wish everyone the best.










  6. Thank ya sir!


    I really want you to try and mess around with the PF (Polar Fiber) and come up with some of your great creations. I used some of your streamers the other night and did very well on the largemouth. My biggest largemouth at 4lbs was caught on your red chenille worm pattern, looks awesome in the water. Try substituting the PF for some of your materials.

  7. Thanks again guys! Off for some creek marsh bass at 5am! Beginning of the ebb tide (outgoing) is at 7:07 at one of my fav spots. hopefully they are waiting for me! huge sand flat with spearing on it as we speak! Let you guys know how I make out! Have a great weekend!

  8. Joe, you've got yourself a deadly squid fly there as well as a solid baitfish imitation. Very nice!





    Thank ya sir! Last two days Ive used em and the bass love em - Im talking about schoolies here and they prob will bite a piece of cheese on a hook, but always great when you tie something you like and bend the rod with it! Do you tie similiar flies? I am relle likeing the palmer effect of zonker and rabbit

  9. Thanks everyone for the comments.



    Piker and Rich - Since the hook eye is weighted with a cone, the flies jigs up and down, if you let the fly sink to the bottom....the cone hits first and the hook is point "curved down" (best way i can explain it). The clouser gives you a wider spread of jig, while the jiggy is more erratic up and down. I will wait for Rich to get back to me.



    peter Jay - Thank you! I tried it tonight and had some baby bass on it, in the creek near my house. The fish were 15inches taking a 5 to 7inch fly lol

  10. Thanks everyone! Capt Lemay,do you fish jighook flies a lot? It seems latley the jighooks are getting very popular, I like em for a different look, weedless attributes and hook rides up. I wanna make weighted flies with these hooks from size 1 to 4/0. Perfect for toothy critters as well.


    Badrise, I check out those hooks, they look really nice! I wonder if they would worm for some worms flies as well?



    Agn I use banana jigs for fluke bass n weakfish nd have great results! I'm hopin these flies swim ok, will know by this weekend!

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