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  1. Thanks to everyone for the great comments! The hooks are spinner bait gamo's size 3/0. Go to www.saltwaterflies.com (Chris Windram is the owner). He is fantastic when it comes to customer service and excellent when it comes to shipping out my package. The site has every major item to very hard to find items. He has tons of crease fly hooks. Check em all out. I make my crease fly bodies with the Joe Blados cutters. There are two sets of cutters, one for salt and one for fresh water. I use regular white or colored sticky back 2mm foam. I either color the foam in or use holographic foil and stick onto the sticky back foam, dull side down - wait a few seconds and pull off...thats how I get that holographic look. You can also find hologrpahic foil in craft stores I am told. I get my foam, hologrpahic foil and hooks from either [email protected] (tell him Joe Sawicki said to email you for a crease fly kit) or I go to www.saltwaterflies.com website and order from there. Another trick I do is create a screaming mouth, as you can see from the pics above. This creates a great slurping and popping noise. These work great when flats and/or sight fishing because with regular poppers they may scare off the fish, since these are made out of foam they dont hit the water with a big loud noise! Crease flies are my fav top water lure for saltwater bass blues and albies. You can make really big ones to really tiny ones. I learned how to make mine from the creator himself, Joe Blados. You can even insert rattles inside the mouth to create even more noise! If anyone has any question, any questions at all, PLEASE pm me, i would gladly help out anyone! In my opinion (trust me i have messed up many when i first started) the correct hook size (wide gap important) to the correct crease body size is very important....this make the crease fly swim or pop correct, even if your fly lays on its side when standing still, that is ok. As long as your fly is balanced undernearth it should stand up and "pop" when stripped. Once you get better at making crease flies the fly should stand up straight when standing still. Please pm me if anyone needs anymore help. Thank you all for the nice comments!
  2. Tied up some silver and gold crease flies with the new Gamo 3/0 spinner bait hook. Really love the hook for crease flies.
  3. nyFLYguy05


    Sand flats and mud flats (back creeks) - bass love the mussel beds around my area. If you ever come up this way I am taking you to a very honey holes of mine!
  4. nyFLYguy05


    Cant beat that pattern my man! Excellent flies. Tie the same crab pattern up here in Long Island NY, for Bass on the flats. Great ties!
  5. Tide - I was just messing with you lol, but you are right, you never said it looked bad lol. Sometimes the ugliest fly in my box catches the best! Peter - thats where I got my pattern from. Actually it was a variation from A. Peluso's book, saltwater flies of the NE, there is a fly in there called the flounder clouser. Thanks guys!
  6. Stickbait flies Used to imitate long or short, thin baitfish, such as sandeels, spearing, anchovies, etc
  7. lol tide water f* u! lol, just kidding. I know its not my best. Anyhow I didnt even think about creating baby flounder or fluke for big bass. Thanks for the posting surf. That may be the next flounder imitation I try. However the pattern i posted above, that is in angeluo peluso's book for NE gamefish, sry about the mis - spelling. But it def is a pattern lol
  8. Loved Peterjay's flounder so decided to try a quick one. I have a lot more tweeking to do. But I decided to put in the water and see the action. Really looks nice in the water, so for now I am kinda happy lol anyhow this fly has an extended body which is a hmh fly tube, few wraps of lead wire for weight, bucktail for the top and saddle feathers for the bottom. Used CCG to hold the shape I wanted. Any advice would be appreciated! PeterJay, i am looking forward to trying your flounder pattern!
  9. Thanks PeterJay! Appreciate it! Thats why I love this site, everyone is very friendly and helpful! Love the salewater section!
  10. Appreciate it tide! Thanks 100% correct Panama!
  11. PeterJ - amazing ties like usual - could you please post or pm me that flounder pattern! I def understand if that is your own secret pattern, no problems at all. I just would like to tie a few up for Bass in Long island sound! That flounder is the real deal, in my opninion it is better that the two book patterns you mentioned above!
  12. Thanks fellas! Panama - I love your quote "that dog will hunt" - I now have to train my lil bulldog to not want to jump overboard after baitfish lol! I always have her locked in the bought by a leash or something, she loves the boat, but when a piece of bait jump its like she wants to go get it to bring it back to me lol! Love the pics of your dog while you fish! They are literally a mans best friend!
  13. Backwoods baitfish - can imitate anything from peanut bunker to moss bunker -First attempt
  14. Spawning Shrimp Flies tied on Gamo B10's Stinger, size 1/0 and 2/0
  15. Chef - great ties as usual! Nice crease flies, perfect amount of hook gap for those hungry fish! Dont forgot to try making a "screaming mouth", gives it nice slurrping or popping sounds. Also try this for something new - when the crease fly body is glued down on the hook shank, add another piece of foam (similiar shape) inside the mouth down into the body, this gives it durability and helps make a screaming mouth shape. Next take a rattle and stuff inside the mouth, - when glueing the mouth together form the shape with fingers, hold for a few seconds and BAM - durable, rattling crease fly! I love them so much lol! Great flies brotha! Thanks for your support on the other post as well!
  16. Awesome! thanks buddy appreciate it! That is def a bass dinner waiting to happen!
  17. Thanks tide, really appreciate it. Always look forward to getting advice from an expierenced fly fisher and tier. Still think we should fish the spring run of bass on longisland! lol
  18. Thanks for the info! Looking forward to pics!
  19. Tied up a few jiggy flies and a spawning shrimp enjoy and thank you for viewing!
  20. Thank you guys, really appreciate it. I know we just talk on here about fly fishing and about "men" stuff lol, but I truly am a nice guy and dont mean to bring harm or negative issues or comments to anyone or company. Thank you everyone for the support. Scott is a true man himself. Very understanding.
  21. Thank you guys! Bucktail and iclandic huh? Do you form the shape with the bucktail then put the iclandic around the bucktail form? Sorry for asking so many questions lol
  22. Everyone, I had the chance to speak to Scott, who is the owner of the Bears Den located in Mass, NY. A while back I posted some negative comments at the Bears Den Customer Service and the comapny. I want to start off by saying I sincerly apologize to the Bears Den Company and all the employees who work for the Bears Den. This was a BIG mis - understanding between myself and the company. I take back all the negative statements that I originally stated. Scott and myself spoke for a while and ended on a very good note. Scott is a class act and has a great business mind. At the Somerset show in NJ, the Bears Den staff was very helpful for all my questions and I purchased many products from the Bears Den Booth. I jumped the gun way to quickly and it was a BIG mis understanding. I am comming on this forum to post about this because I am a man of my word and want the truth to be told. I am not posting this to make anyone happy or to get anything for free - I am posting this apology because it is the CORRECT thing to do, while being 100% the TOTAL TRUTH. Scott was very understanding on the phone and a complete gentleman to me. I should of never let my emotions get to me, I should of gave the owner (Scott) a telephone call first. I feel terrible for posting the negative comments and wish I could take them back. However I can not. The truth of the matter is...I was totally wrong, I let my emotions get to me and feel extemely awful for what I have done. Again to Scott and the Bears Den employees - I am truly sorry for the comments I posted. I am glad we could work things out and I thank you for your complete understanding of the situation. Thank you all for reading -Joe
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