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  1. lol I have to admit I def look forward to your great comments! When are you going to hit the bench again, also I need to check out some more of your flies!!!!!!
  2. Bait style flies In order from left to right.... Small baitfish fly Small baitfish fly 2 Cocktail shrimp fly Baby fiddler crab fly Baby fiddler crab fly 2 Large grass shrimp fly Sherbert squid Fly Sherbert squid fly 2
  3. Had a great time capt! Thanks for the comments!
  4. Had to tie up a few flies before the Somerset show tomorrow. After tomorrow, all my flies will be made with CLEAR CURE GOO - very excited! Have a great weekened everyone 2 flies of each, two small anchovy flies, two variated wiggler flies, two epoxy minnows
  5. I pour all my own jig heads and soft plastics as well. Excellent patterns capt, awesome jigs!
  6. Thats great man! BEST OF LUCk - catch em up brotha!!!!! Catch em up!!!!!
  7. -Bass Bunny Flies with eyes and without eyes, all tied with 40lb mono weed guard -New fly materials come tomorrow! -I will be at the SomerSet Fly Show on Friday with Capt Joe Blados! -Clear Cure Goo Comes Friday! -Great 3 day weekend -PM me if you are going to the show!
  8. lol - When I send you those crease flies i am gna making sure when you hook a fish, the hook comes right outtttttt
  9. As posted earlier - I placed a large order of tying materials and I also wanted to add I went to the Clear Cure Goo Website and orders tons of the thick, thin and pretty much everything else. Even the eyes and t-shirts lol. Anyhow people are def right, brian is a class act when it comes to customer service. i placed the order last night and 19 hours later Brian sent me an email, thanked me and even gave me his info to contact him if anything is missing! All I have heard is EXCELLENT comments about CCG and when I used it for the first time a few weeks ago I fell in love with it. Any advice or tips on the CCG would be great, should be here in a few days! Cant wait for surf candies and sppon flies!
  10. Jiggy Flies - Sink at a more "life like" rate in my opinion versus the clouser, also great for imitating a burrowing sandeel. These flies are my favorite for when the albacore show up and fishing in strong current, the weighted "cone" seems to cut water a lot better than dumbbell eyes. Again this is my own thinking process. Enjoy! Batifsh emulator Jiggy Fly Polar Fiber Jiggy Fly Baitfish emulator Jiggy Fly Bucktail Jiggy Fly Bucktail and Estaz Jiggy Fly Bucktail jiggy Fly
  11. Panama - beautiful dog - Golden or Lab???? My parents have two labs, same color
  12. Blake JD - definitley correct! Had a girl than she asked me to hold, then asked me if I was stewart???/ Then a guy came in and said all that stupid stuff to me. Like I was annoying them for ordering????? LOL - J stockard is my company, no more trying new companies out! Panama - Def agree - I take my lil bulldog fishing all the time, love taking her however she always decides to have a squid in her mouth by the end of the trip! I am not a person to bitch all the time but I am being honest, I am a person of fairness and honestly - the Bears Den is far from that. Would you treat someone poorly in an economy that does not have people buying fishing materials like they use too???
  13. Depends on all the forage thats around (baitfish). I would stick with crab, shrimp, crease flies, clousers and surf candies - if none of them work, fish aint chewin
  14. You dont need photo flo - i make tons of spread flies - just take a plastic bottle and mix dish washing soap and water, shake up and dip your fingers into that before applying epoxy with fingers - trust me it works fine
  15. All big and small Different color patterns Sandeel imitations Come on spring!!!!
  16. Whats up everyone. Decided to tie a bunch of Striped Bass Patterns. Let me know what you think. Also, peterjay - check out in the fly database a tie called "tobo craw" - i wanna mess around with that and make it a lobster pattern for big bass! These ties include - baby lobster, big lobster, holographic baitfish, seaducers, polar fiber clouser, bass bunny enjoy!
  17. Thanks everyone for the great comments! Thanks PeterJay for info. I wish we could fish together lol we think alike! I totally agree bass will eat and do eat anything - even blue claws I have found in their stomachs, small fluke, flounder, baby ling and codfish, baby blackfish and seabass - everything and anything! I am going to post some other big time patterns for bass - check em out and let me know what you think Thinking outside the box = more hook ups in my opinion, also a fly may look so so to us but under water the fish may love it!!! thanks again
  18. Great! Will check it out Rich, thank you
  19. Great article on the patch! Thanks for everything, great response
  20. O man I know! I am trying to figure out the right materials to use to make a decent lobster pattern. Ive seen and cute many big bass stomachs with 3 to 8inch lobsters in them - trying to imitate something close to that - i love your tarpon crab flies, maybe i should tie one of them with longer rabbit strips for the fur? can you post or let me know where to look for that pattern? thank you
  21. Very good point rich...thats my next step, I actually just ordered some nice new foam I wanna try out - my buddy asked me to make some tube flies and fish then with bigger and/or longer shank hooks for toothy critters. Has anyone here tried tube crease flies?? Easy or not?
  22. dark brown chenelle palmered forward, then rootbeer flash dubbing over the chenelle
  23. Thank you thank you! for the kind comments as well! Every night after work I always try to get 2 to 3 hours of fly tying in. I love to stay super busy, bewteen work, everyday life and tying - i stay nice and busy - plus i want to tie as many flies as i can so this spring and summer i will be rede to go for whatever the fish may want! And exactly right about the blues, even tho i put a light film of epoxy on the outside of the foam bodies, the blues teeth shurly tears em up! thanks again guys!
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